Nine EastEnders spoilers for next week including Martin's brutal revenge against Kush

MARTIN Fowler violently attacks Kush next week in EastEnders when Ruby Allen tells him they locked her in her office and forced her to take a pregnancy test.

Here’s the lowdown from the Square…

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1. Stacey battles a guilty conscience

Stacey admits she blames herself for Ruby’s accident next week following their disastrous showdown.

Later, Stacey apologises to Martin for what happened as he leaves the hospital. 

2. Martin punches Kush

Later, Ruby tells Martin that Kush and Stacey locked her in her office and forced her to do a pregnancy test.

Kush tries to explain what happened but Martin sees red and punches him.

Stacey watches on in horror, feeling increasingly guilty.

3. Ben teams up with the Panesars

Vinny and Kheerat make Ben an offer following an incident at the Minute Mart when Kheerat spots a thief stealing cans.

Kheerat warns the youngster about the reputation of the Panesar family. 

But when he’s gone, Vinny tells Kheerat that the Panesars have no reputation and need the Mitchells to get ahead.  

Later, Kheerat and Vinny meet with Ben to suggest becoming partners. 

4. Things don’t go to plan

Kheerat and Ben then meet with Stas at the Arches and lay out their offer, but Stas admits he doesn’t trust Ben after learning that the Mitchells have been insulting him – and that he wants his money back. 

Vinny, who’s on standby with Stas’ money, races to the Arches but is stopped in his tracks by the thief from earlier. 

Meanwhile, Kheerat and Ben wait for Vinny and grow increasingly anxious. 

5. Denise comes clean to Jack

Lucas asks Denise why she hasn’t told Jack about Chelsea getting mixed up in drug dealing.

Denise is hesitant but agrees he might be able to get them out of this mess. 

Denise comes clean to Jack but is thrown when he tells her she has to go to the police.

6. Chelsea tries to seduce Jack

When Chelsea discovers Denise has told Jack, she tracks him down as he's heading to the police station and convinces him to go to Ruby’s with her so she can explain. 

After telling Jack the whole story, she starts reminiscing about when they were together and suggests they go back to his house. 

Will Jack fall for Chelsea's tricks?

7. Gray loses his temper

Viewers will see things heat up between Whitney and Kush next week as she remembers she’s supposed to be looking after Gray’s kids and rushes off. 

When Gray returns from work, Whitney tells him the kids are on a playdate with Raymond – much to Gray’s horror. 

Gray apologises to Whitney for losing his cool with her and asks her for a drink to make things up to her. 

8. Whitney and Kush go public

Whitney and Kush decide to go public with their relationship and Whitney visits Kat first to drop the bombshell. 

Later, Kush and Whitney get a drink at the pub and, when Gray appears, he discovers they’re a couple. 

How will the killer react?

9. Dotty threatens Keegan

Tiffany suggests Dotty's idea of doing hostess work to Keegan, but he insists he won’t have his wife flirting with strangers. 

When Tiffany pulls out, Dotty is annoyed and threatens to put their rent up. 

Later at the club, Dotty finds herself in a grim situation with some sleazy customers and Tiffany comes to her rescue. 

Dotty asks her to reconsider her offer but what will she say?

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