Olivia Attwood says she’s ‘melting’ without Botox in lockdown and she and footballer boyfriend are ‘killing each other’ – The Sun

FOOTBALLERS are excited about the season resuming – but not as much as their Wags.

The glamorous other halves hope the players’ return to the pitch means it won’t be long until they are fulfilling fixtures of their own, at nail bars, beauty salons and hairdressers which have been closed for lockdown.

Former Love Islander Olivia Attwood, fiancée of 26-year-old Blackburn Rovers ace Bradley Dack, says she barely recognises herself after going so long without Botox.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, the 29-year-old model said: “I’m not getting any younger so I like a few enhancements and a bit of Botox, but that’s all gone. I feel like I’m melting away — I look at the mirror and say, ‘Who is this girl? I don’t know her’.”

And it’s not just fillers that Olivia is craving. She added: “I’m now a brunette for the first time in 11 years. As soon as I was old enough to colour my hair I’ve been dyeing it religiously and all I have now are these straggly blonde bits on the ends.

“I usually have a laser hair removal once a month so things are looking a bit crazy down there. I’ve had to get a razor out, which has been traumatising. They lied when they said laser removal lasts for ever.

“And I’ve resorted to stick-on nails like a 12-year-old girl. But to be fair, at least they look real and part of me looks like I’ve got it together. I didn’t even try to paint them myself as I knew it wouldn’t have been successful.”

The one major bonus during lockdown is the weather, so Olivia hasn’t had to worry too much about her tan — not that she has been able to enjoy al fresco champagne brunches with her fellow Wags near her flat in Manchester.

Olivia said: “We used to do brunches and be out at Rosso’s on a Friday night. We were all messaging yesterday how much we missed it. We can’t even meet up in groups of six like we’ve been told you can now, because the club has asked us not to.

"They don’t want us going out to the park, getting p***ed together and coming home and giving our partners coronavirus.”

At the Selfridges near where I live, the personal shoppers have gone back to work and I did get a delivery of some essentials recently — Chanel sandals.

And the fact that High Street stores have continued to offer online services has not satisfied Olivia’s love of shopping. She said: “I miss it so much. I’ve saved a lot of money during lockdown because I have got a problem when it comes to shopping.

“It’s the most I’ve saved since I’ve been alive. Online shopping does nothing for me. I like to go into the shop, see the items and I love the adrenalin rush of buying something at the till.”

However, Olivia has managed to make one purchase that only a Wag would deem “essential”.

She said: “At the Selfridges near where I live, the personal shoppers have gone back to work and I did get a delivery of some essentials recently — Chanel sandals.”

Even so, not being able to splash her cash on clothes has given Olivia some much- needed perspective on her spending.

She said: “It’s made me assess how much money I’ve spent on crap. You always think money is a never-ending pot, but with work slowing down, it has been a reality check that I do need to stop spending for the sake of it.

“Handbags are my weakness. If ever Brad does anything wrong, he always tries to bait me with a handbag. They have some power over me — I’ve got around 200.

But I won’t tell you how much I spend on clothes, as my dad will read this and take me out of his will. It’s been a horrendous amount at times. Lockdown has matured me.”

Championship clubs were told on Sunday that their season will resume on June 20, three days after the Premier League, so Olivia has nearly three more weeks until Bradley is out from under her feet.

She admitted that the couple, who got engaged last October, have nearly “killed each other” during lockdown. Indeed, she said living with the attacking midfielder — currently working his way back to full fitness after an injury — was like having a dog.

She said: “It’s been really difficult. I’ve spoken to some of the other girls and they say the same — the boys are so used to having this routine, they know exactly what time they’re meant to eat, run and sleep.

“When it’s taken away from them, they struggle. They’re like, ‘What do we do now’? So to try and copy his schedule, we’ve done lots of walking and cycling. He’s like a golden retriever — you’ve just got to give him loads of exercise and attention.”

Olivia and Bradley are back in their plush Manchester apartment after isolating with her parents in Surrey because they have a garden and more space.

She revealed he replaced the void left by football by getting hooked on computer game Football Manager, which he even plays in the toilet. She said: “He takes his laptop in there and comes out saying he’s just lost against Liverpool.”

But living with a footballer 24/7 does have its perks. Olivia gets daily healthy meals cooked by Bradley and he has also turned into her unofficial personal trainer.

She said: “Without blowing my own trumpet, I do feel fitter. I dropped him off at the training ground the other day and one of the physios saw me and said, ‘God, Liv, you look lean’, and I was like, ‘I do, don’t I’?

“I feel stronger, fitter and healthier because he’s a guy and works out differently to me and I’ve been doing his programmes with him, so that’s one bonus. He’s really tough. We have Apple watches linked up and he always calls me out if I don’t do enough.”

However, while Bradley may know his way around the latest fitness gizmos, when it comes to cleaning appliances, he is an absolute novice — and Olivia revealed he doesn’t even know how to turn on a washing machine.

Consequently she has become his kit man, without even being notified. She said: “The boys are bringing their football kit home now due to the coronavirus and he asked me, ‘Where’s my kit? It’s dirty’, and I was like, ‘I didn’t know I had to wash it’.

“So he’s gone into training in oddbod clothing and I just said to him, ‘You look like such a d***head’, all because he thinks I’m the kit man now.”

But hopefully in a few weeks, normality will return and instead of washing his kit, Olivia will be washing her hair in an expensive salon.

She said: “I’ve been sending them threatening messages, saying, ‘I’m first on the list, you don’t understand how desperate I am’. So the first day they reopen I will be there with my mask on, ready to go.”

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