Peaky Blinders fans call out plot hole with Tommy Shelby's dealings in US after Mafia bloodbath

PEAKY Blinders viewers have pulled out a plot hole centred on gangster Tommy Shelby's long-distance call to the US.

Viewers of the series, based on an urban youth gang in the West Midlands in the late 19th century, have honed in on a season four scene which saw Cillian Murphy's character send his cousin Michael Gray to America.

In the sixth episode of the instalment, Tommy orders Michael to tackle family business overseas, with hopes he could also tap into the booze industry in New York.

Being banished Stateside is also a punishment for Finn Cole's character for betraying Tommy and while his journey to the US was perfectly do-able, viewers stated a phone call regarding his destination was not.

Scenes show Tommy picking up his black telephone to make a call to America – something viewers have stated would have been impossible to due in the time period in which the show is set.

One viewer called out his actions on website Movie Mistakes and wrote of Peaky Blinders: "Tommy makes a call during the episode to the USA.

“There was no system for international calls in 1926 for the general public, that was only introduced in 1927.”

The first Transatlantic phone call in fact took place on January 7, 1927, between president of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company, W S Gifford and secretary of the General Post Office of Great Britain, Sir Evelyn P Murray.

Meanwhile, the sixth season of the Birmingham-based BBC series, set in the early 1900s, will resume filming in January, 2021.

Actor Emmett J. Scanlan told an interview with The Six O'Clock Show on Virgin Media, he’d not only read the script for the new series but it was set to be “incredible”. 

He said: “I’ve read the whole series penned beautifully by Stephen Knight, who’s a genius. The scripts are incredible.

"Season six, I believe they’re looking to kick off in January. 

“Maybe early January, February maybe. It was obviously delayed because of the pandemic and the lockdown and whatnot and rightly so.

"They’re making sure everything’s safe and then we’re going to kick off again.”



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