Peaky Blinders viewers livid as finale leaves HUGE string of questions unanswered

EVEN though Peaky Blinders fans were left reeling after the last ever episode of the drama, they still had plenty of questions left.

BBC viewers watched Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) try to tie up loose ends after he got what he thought was a life ending diagnosis.

But many ends were left loose for viewers who are now hoping to get answers in the promised Peaky Blinders feature film.

The finale was explosive, with Tommy at the centre of huge showdown with his cousin Michael Gray who he ended up shooting point blank range after he launched a failed assassination attempt on his life.

Michael blamed Tommy for the death of his late mum Polly (Helen McCrory) and endangering the Shelby family.

Tommy was still embroiled in the battle against the fascist threat in Britain and stop the likes of Oswald Mosley.


Peaky Blinders ending explained: What happened in the final episode of BBC show?

Peaky Blinders fans shocked as Tommy Shelby brutally murders family member

Older brother Arthur Shelby even got his hands dirty when he killed the family's IRA contact, Captain Swing, who was responsible for Polly's death and had tried to kill him.

Tommy also headed to Canada to collect £5million from Irish bootleggers that he hoped to give around to his family to set them up after he dies.

The episode also saw Tommy's wife Lizzie leave him after the death of their daughter Ruby and his affair with Mosley's mistress, Diana Mitford.

Tommy also had his crew blow up his mansion Arrow House, which led to him and his remaining living in the back of a caravan led by horses.

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"Now we're back where we began, horses and caravans," eh said.

He was still living in the caravan one month later when he noticed in a newspaper photo the doctor who had given him his terminal diagnosis was a friend of Mosley and Mitford. They had concocted his diagnosis in the hope he would kill himself.

How did they know Billy was the rat

After he had his genitals mutilated by the Americans and was forced to kill a referee impervious to bribery by the Shelbys, bookie Billy Grade was killed by Tommy's lovechild, Duke.

It was retribution for leaking the family's plans to kill Mosley to the IRA, which meant the fascist evaded death.

Those plans were spilled to him by Finn Shelby in series five. Duke then killed Finn for his loose lips.

But fans wondered how exactly the Shelbys knew it was Billy who had turned rat.

What will happen with the IRA

Captain Swing's death was perhaps the most significant in the season finale, as it drew to a close the long-running saga between the Shelbys and the IRA.

But many fans worried what the retribution might be in the future from the Irish Republican Party.

What did Tommy whisper to his son Duke

Before heading off to his month of solitude before planning to take his life, Tommy held a lunch for his family and long-serving staff.

He walked over to whisper something to his son Duke, who he fathered as a youngster and recently learned about.

As Tommy whispered to Duke, the 20-year-old's face turned serious leaving many to wonder exactly what his dad was saying to him.

Was Alfie Simmons a figment of Tommy's imagination

One of the most popular characters in the series, Tom Hardy's Alfie Simmons was shot and left for dead by Tommy in season four.

Many thought he could not have survived, but the Jewish gangster made several comebacks including in the season finale.

He only ever interacted with Tommy in those comeback scenes and viewers wondered if Alfie was even alive or just a figment of his imagination.

But one fan pointed out in series five, Alfie was seen listening to a record alone which could not have happened if he was not real.

Where did Lizzie end up

Tommy's second wife Lizzie bade him a tearful farewell after being fed up of being kept in the dark.

She went to a hotel with his son, Charles, with plans to move into another home.

But will Lizzie be seen again in the upcoming film?

And what about Gina?

Michael's wife American wife Gina was seen only once in the finale whenshe reunites with him after he gets out of jail.

She schemes with him to kill many of the Shelbys but Michael has his sights set only getting revenge on Tommy.

Gina will be devastated by Michael's death and will likely try to kill everyone that Tommy loves in the feature film.

Will Charles grow up to hate Tommy

Charles, Tommy's son from his first marriage, got more air time in the finale than ever.

He spent much of the episode staring daggers at his dad for 'never being here', but it intensified when Tommy cut off his farewell to him.

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It got worse for Charles when Tommy walked over to Duke to whisper something in his ear.

Charles may grow up to resent Tommy after Ruby's death, his not being around and seemingly favouring Duke more.

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