Penny Lancaster brutally shuts down Richard Madeley after ‘rude’ interruption

Brains as well as beauty, Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster has been praised by viewers after she spectacularly shut down host Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britain.

Fans of the show were quick to criticise Richard, calling him “rude” for his comments towards Penny.

Richard and Susanna Reid were speaking to Lissie Harper on the show.

She was on to discuss her campaign on to push Harpers Law to be passed.

Tragically her husband, PC Andrew Harper, was killed while on duty attending a robbery.

In 2019, he was being dragged behind a car which resulted in him sadly losing his life.

Lissie is working on Harper's Law, which if successful would see anyone guilty of killing an emergency service worker jailed for life.

The three men responsible are currently serving life sentences of 16 years and 13 years

Rod Stewart's wife, Penny Lancaster is now a special constable with the City of London Police, and she is supporting Lissie.

Penny was talking on the show about how she has the exact same amount of power as a usual police officer.

She pointed out that the main difference is she doesn't get paid.

Richard seemed disbelieving, and asked why she decided to join the police force.

He bluntly said: "It's quite late in life to do it. What was the processes that went through your brain that made you decide to do it?"

Penny then started to answer the question from Richard.

She was talking about how important campaigning and charity work is, but Richard stopped her halfway through her sentence.

He seemed to think she misunderstood, and interrupting her.

He said: "Sorry, I don't think you heard my question, what made you join the police?"

She then told him that she was getting onto her point, and he apologised.

Viewers tweeted in angrily: "Madeley is a total embarrassment."

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Another added: "Whew Richard can be a tad rude can’t he."

Someone else said: “Honestly I can’t cope with it, he was really smug when he said I think you’ve misunderstood the question to Penny!"

One person called for him to be given the boot: "Take Richard Madeley off the tele. He is awful and ruining the program"

Yet another agreed: "That Richard Madeley on GMB is so unnecessarily rude!! Get him off my tv please actually think I dislike him more than Piers!"

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