Peter Andre reveals that turning 40 was the ‘worst day of his life’ and his birthday ‘made him feel sick’

Peter Andre has revealed that turning 40 was the "worst day of his life" and his birthday "made him feel sick".

The 47-year-old pop star confessed that he felt like he was having a mid-life crisis when he hit his fourth decade.

The Mysterious Girl singer admitted that he "hated" the new milestone agebut soon began to embrace it.

Speaking on Jess Wright's Girls No Filter podcast, he said: "I'll give you my honest opinion about the 40 mark. When I got to 40 I hated it but don't worry it gets good.

"So 40 I remember the day – I had only just recently lost my brother before that so I was in a bad spot.

"I woke up on the day of 40 and I was trying to be happy because everyone had done so much for me but I saw the four and zero written down and literally it made me feel sick."

The singer was so heartbroken that he turned to his sister for some advice.

He continued: "My sister said she hated turning 40, so I asked her 'how long did it last for?' and she replied a year."

However, things soon started to look up for Pete when he turned 41 saying he developed a more relaxed approach to life.

He explained: "But when I turned 41, I don't know what happened but I completely chilled out, I became a completely different person. I'm happy about life, I'm always chilled and I really do think forties are insane."

The star explained that he is now optimistic about turning 50 especially after seeing his older brother hit the landmark age.

He joked: "The thirties for me was weird, it was life a mid-life crisis because I knew I wasn't a kid and I knew I wasn't a man.

"Whether it's in your late thirties or forties you're going to feel like your life has started again."

The dad of four recently revealed that he and wife Emily have grown even closer during lockdown, leading them to consider extending their family.

But the singer also revealed how pre-Covid they had also talked about him getting “the snip” — an operation he said he would undergo if Emily, 31, went cold on the idea of motherhood again.

Speaking to The Sun On Sunday about having more children, Peter said: “We are talking about it. If we’re ­talking about it, it will ­eventually happen, right?

“Ironically lockdown has brought us both closer together and so we’ll have more of a chance.

“But if Emily is really not up for it, maybe I’ll have the snip — only if it’s reversible!

“I think every guy is scared of having the snip because it means a closed chapter.

“But why should the woman always be the one to take precautions?”

Peter, who spoke out on the new series of Life With The Andres on The Sun’s YouTube channel, already has four children — Amelia, six and Theo, three, with Emily, plus Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with his ex Katie Price.

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