Phillip Schofield left red-faced as he rips a huge hole in the bum of his favourite jeans getting out of a car

PHILLIP Schofield was left red-faced yesterday when he ripped a huge hole in the bum of his favourite jeans.

The This Morning host took a picture of his ruined clothing and wrote: "My favourite jeans [sad emojis] hanks goodness I had a long shirt on when I got out of the car!"

He managed to swiftly move on from the embarrassing incident by hanging out with his interior designer pal Kelly Hoppen.

The pair dressed smartly for their evening together and had each other in hysterics as they took fun selfies.

Phil wrote: "Such a brilliant evening with this amazing friend."

Yesterday the star was left open-mouthed when a Spin To Win player answered the phone – then told him to ring back later.

The 59-year-old presenter was stunned when Joe answered the phone for the competition and said: "Call me back in two minutes."

Phillip explained that wasn't how the live competition – which involves the hosts calling a viewer for the chance to win cash prizes – works.

He fumed: "No. No, we can't. Joe? Is he joking? What the hell was that?"

Then, when Phillip realised Joe had hung up, he said: "What are we supposed to do for two minutes? It's network ITV, waiting for you."

His co-star Holly Willoughby, 40 was in hysterics over the fact the caller – who stood to win £3,000 – had hung up.

She suggested: "Maybe he's on the loo."

But Phillip insisted: "You can still play the game if you're on the toilet."

Evenutally, the pair rearranged the programme so they could indeed call him back in two minutes.

Once Joe was back on the phone, Phillip asked: "What the hell was that all about?" – but was more than satisfied with the reason.

The viewer explained: "I was dealing with my wife – she's not very well. She's got motor neurone disease.

Phillip replied: "That is the best excuse in the world. Is she OK now. We can hang on a bit longer."

But he replied politely: "No, she's all set up now. I do apologise to you and the country."

And it was lucky Joe did get them to call back – as he picked up £1,000 after a spin of the famous TV wheel.

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