Piers Morgan boasts he and Susanna Reid are TV's 'hottest' stars after being voted sexiest news readers by Sun readers

PIERS Morgan has hailed Good Morning Britain the "hottest show on TV" after he was voted the sexiest newsreader by Sun readers.

The 55-year-old took to Twitter to celebrate his victory, alongside co-host Susanna Reid, 50, who was voted sexiest female.

Posting a picture of the round-up, in which Sun readers were asked to rank newsreaders who "turn them on" – Piers boasted of his win.

"BREAKING: It’s official – we’re the hottest show on TV," he joked, showing how he'd won with a massive 42.9% of the vote.

Piers also showed how co-host Susanna had gained 62.9% of the vote among her female peers, miles ahead of Mary Nightingale and Kate Silverton.

Journalist Piers came ahead of ITV News' Tom Bradby, This Morning's Eamonn Holmes and BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker.

He went on to joke: "In time honoured awards fashion, I'd like to pay tribute to all those I beat. Chin up, chaps. No shame in losing to a news Adonis."

His competition were quick to respond to the news, dubbing the poll a "fix" and demanding "a recount".

"Fix. It’s a rotten Sun fix," joked Eamonn, 61. "They kept me off because they knew I’d have walked it. It’s an anti-Welsh thing. I’m not bitter."

"Beaten by Piers. Nooooooo!!!!!!" added Tom, 54, with BBC News' Clive Myrie concluding: "I demand a recount! Stop the Steal!"

It comes after The Sun speculated if newsreaders have become the nation’s lockdown pin-ups following an unusual letter to agony aunt Dear Deidre.

The reader wrote about her boyfriend wanted her to role play as BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce – and it turned out she wasn't alone.

Stars including Rhian Sudgen and Nicola McLean admitted their secret newsreader crushes which saw Piers up top.

Reality TV star Nicola, 39, explained she had a hots for the GMB host Piers thanks to his "attitude" and "arrogance".

"There is just something about a man in a suit who just doesn’t give a damn," she explained.

“We wouldn’t be able to work together at all because we would be arguing like cat and dog.

“Although I am a feminist, and on camera it seems like I am the person in charge, I actually need to be put in my place sometimes . . . and I love it when a man can do that. 

“I need to be told what to do – and Piers could definitely do the job.”

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