Piers Morgan leaves fans disgusted as he shows off his flashy Aston Martin while they struggle to pay bills after corona – The Sun

PIERS Morgan left his fans disgusted as he showed off his flash Aston Martin while many of them were struggling to pay their bills due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Good Morning Britain host was hit was a barrage of comments describing his post as 'disgusting' and asking if his visit to the west London car wash earlier today was "essential" during the current lockdown.

Posting a picture of the shiny £150,000 vehicle on his social media pages, the presenter wrote: "I never knew how much I’d miss a car wash.

"Thank to the guys @atlanticcarwash for restoring my Aston to its former glory after Lockdown rendered it an unsightly stained blot on vehicular humanity."

Piers added: "It’s a great place just off the Fulham Palace Road. Highly recommend. 👍"

But some were upset by what they felt was the 55-year-old showing off and one said: "Ok for some while others are worried about paying essential bills."

"Is that essential?," said a follower.

One ranted: "People are dying and Piers is washing his aston martin. People in care homes are losing their lives and Piers is driving out for a non essential car wash. Why on earth, when so many lives have been lost, would you do this. It shows the utter contempt you have. You should be sacked and doorstepped without hesitation."

And: "Not sure what to think of that to be fair, lovely car needs looking after yet having a clean car is not important at the moment!"

Another added: "So your putting other people’s lives at risk to get your car wash . Why don’t you do it your self ?"

One wrote: "So many people lost their jobs and can't afford to pay their mortgage bills etc this is disgusting 🤢".

But Piers was quick to explain the reasoning behind the picture and replied: "the car wash guys asked me to do a post to help them get their business back.. sorry if that offends you."

During the Coronavirus pandemic car washes have been allowed to remain open as long as they follow social distancing guidelines.

Automated car washes have remained opened as they do not require any man power.

Hand car washes were closed as non-essential in the first phase of lockdown, but Boris Johnson's roadmap to restore the country back to normal said Brits who cannot work from home can go back to work.


Just recently Piers accused his GMB co-host Susanna Reid of shattering the rear light of his beloved car in the studio car park.

Dr Hilary Jones asked Piers: "Have you found the vandal that vandalised your rear light yet?"

He replied: "No… the rear light got smashed, and I have no idea how it happened other than I park my car next to somebody else's car here… and it's only one other person's car, and it didn't happen at home because I park it next to the pavement."

Susanna shifted in her seat and glanced guiltily to the side, before saying: "I'm very good at three point turns, thank you very much indeed…"

She later wrote in in her Mail column: "I plead not guilty, your honour. Although we have to do a tight three-point turn when leaving work, I pride myself on my driving skills."

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