Piers Morgan rallies Britain's oldest identical twins, 96, to beat coronavirus as they're hospitalised

PIERS Morgan has rallied Britain's oldest identical twins to beat coronavirus as they're hospitalised at 96 years old.

The host sent his best wishes to Doris Hobday and Lil Cox on Good Morning Britain this morning.

Announcing the sad news they're unwell with Covid-19, his co-presenter Susanna Reid said: "We are giving them all of our strength and love to get through it."

Piers said: "We want to wish them all the very best. If you are watching Lil and Doris, and to all your families, we're right behind you.

"You are two of the most indomitable people in the country and we wish you all the best.

"Wonderful sisters. Britain's oldest identical twins.

"Come on Lil, come on Doris you can do this. We want to see you out of the hospital and back on GMB. Good luck to the people looking after you."

Susanna added; "We have to add that we will never forget the interview you gave which I have to say it lifted our spirits."

The hosts then re-played their famous interview on Good Morning Britain which made the twins go viral.

Piers and Susanna were left in hysterics as they admitted their secret to long life was sex.

The pensioners were in a naughty mood as they spoke from the comfort of Lil's daughter Vivian's home in Tipton back in May.

Cheeky Lil pointed to her sister and said: "Her secret… plenty of sex."

Shocked Doris quickly interrupted her as Piers and Susanna Reid laughed in the GMB studio.

Things got even saucier when Piers brought up Lil's crush on actor Jason Statham.

She said: "One night with him and I’d die happy."

Susanna shrieked at the comment, but undeterred Lil turned her attention to Piers, saying: "Mind you, I'm coming on to you now."

He was in his element, replying: "You're flirting outrageously, both of you."

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