Piers Morgan reveals both elderly parents are fighting Covid: 'It's been scary'

Good Morning Britain today Piers Morgan has revealed his parents have been fighting coronavirus for the past two weeks. 

Gabrielle and Glynne Pughe-Morgan, Piers’ mother and stepfather, contracted the virus from someone in their social bubble, after trying to be careful.

While they are now in recovery, Piers said it was a ‘scary fortnight’ and urged others to be more considerate as the government sets in place Lockdown 2. 

‘I’d like to say something to my parents, they are both battling Covid and have been for two weeks and it’s a scary thing for a family,’ Piers said on GMB. 

‘When your elderly parents are fighting it, they are both in their mid to late 70s, and they got it two weeks ago from someone in their bubble, and they had to go out and they were very sensible but got the virus, and then bang it was like dominoes.’

Thankfully both are now on the mend, even though Glynne has still lost his sense of taste and smell. 

Piers’s confession comes as his co-star Kate Garraway is staying strong for her husband Derek Draper, who is the UK’s longest-suffering patient of the virus. 

She revealed this weekend that, after he was struck down and put on a ventilator back in March, he was finally off it after 214 days, though was still struggling to talk. 

When he did, he mouthed one word – ‘pain’. 

Speaking to Piers and Susanna today from her home in West London, Kate got upset when discussing her husband’s fight, knowing he was hurting but being unable to help. 

‘Every time they said let us know if you can feel any pain and he very clearly mouthed the word “pain”. There wasn’t a tone but a whisper,’ she said. 

‘Later, I was watching and I saw him mouth it again. 

‘It is a breakthrough but it is heartbreaking because it means he’s in pain which we don’t want.’

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