Piers Morgan reveals mysterious note from 'No10 insider' stuck on his car urging him to keep probing the government

PIERS Morgan has revealed he returned to his car last night – only to find a mysterious note for him on the windscreen.

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain host posted the "intriguing" postcard, written in block capitals by someone who claimed to have worked in 10 Downing Street.

He shared the note, which urged him to keep demanding questions from the British government, on social media.

It read: "Keep on sticking it to them you legend! I freelance for [name scribbled out]. I was in No10 during the first cabinet. They were so f***ing full of themselves."

Cabinet is the name for the highest-ranking MPs in government and changes each time the prime minister decides to have a 'reshuffle', as happened in February.

Piers, who rails against the government's refusal to put ministers on GMB on a daily basis, wrote: "Found this stuck in my car windscreen wiper.

"A nice – and intriguing – touch as we enter Day 68 of the Government’s boycott of ⁦‪@GMB‬⁩ for asking them tough questions about their shambolic handling of the coronavirus crisis."

Although his post prompted a flood of jokers suggesting he'd written the postcard himself, plenty of others echoed the mysterious postcard-writer's opinion.

Last month, Piers insisted he "didn't care" that government ministers were failing to appears on the show, which he co-hosts with Susanna Reid – insisting the ratings were improving without them.

She called the no-shows a "dereliction of duty" but Piers bragged: "We don't care. Our ratings have never been higher. Literally never been higher.

"The less we have government ministers, the more people tune in. Maybe don't hurry back. Maybe we'll see you in September."

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