Piers Morgan shares rare snap with his lookalike dad Glynne and jokes ‘he looks younger than me every year’ – The Sun

PIERS Morgan has shared a rare snap with his lookalike dad Glynne and joked that he looks younger than him.

The 55-year-old wished his dad a happy birthday on a sunny Bank Holiday Weekend in lockdown.

The Good Morning Britain presenter sadly can't celebrate the special day with his father.

They were planning to go abroad to spend time together, but instead will be doing a video call this evening.

"Happy Birthday to my Dad, who looks younger than me every year," said Piers on Instagram.

"This pic was taken in St Tropez last year, where we would all have been again this week, doubtless celebrating with a long lunch in Club 55.

"Instead, we’ll have to settle for a Zoom chat later…"

He added "c’est la nouvelle vie", which translates into "this is the new life".

Fans were surprised by Glynne's youthful good looks.

One said: "Happy birthday to your dad. He looks amazing."

Another agreed with Piers saying: "He actually does look younger ha."

Someone else laughed: "You’re right, your dad does look younger than you! Happy birthday to him x."

Piers' birth father Vincent Eamonn O'Meara died when the presenter was just 11 months.

His mother went on to marry Glynne Pughe-Morgan who brought Piers up.

The TV personality upset fans this morning when they realised he is off work this week.

Piers was replaced by Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins on GMB this morning.

Viewers wanted to hear Piers' thoughts on senior government adviser Dominic Cummings breaking his own lockdown rules.

On Twitter he ranted: “If Boris doesn’t fire Cummings today, then I will deem the Lockdown over & drive down to see my parents (from a 2m distance) for the first time in 12 weeks.

“I’m not having one rule for these clowns & another for the rest of us.”

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