Piers Morgan tells viewers 'wake up or stop watching GMB' as he rants about BGT's Diversity receiving 15,500 complaints

PIERS Morgan told viewers to "wake up or stop watching Good Morning Britain" as he ranted about Diversity receiving 15,500 complaints for their Black Lives Matter dance.

The presenter fumed after reading people's objections to the dance – which aired last Saturday and featured imagery of George Floyd's death.

Piers told viewers if they can't "handle" the dance they should stop watching the ITV breakfast show – because he agrees with Diversity.

The journalist said: "If you can't handle that without feeling the need to never watch BGT again or to complain to Ofcom, there's something wrong with you. You, you're the problem. You're part of the problem.

"By the way, if you don't like me saying this, then don't watch us either. Don't watch Good Morning Britain. Because I agree with Ashley Banjo and Diversity. And if you can't handle it Britain, wake up."

The number of complaints has soared over the week after Ashley Banjo led the dance troupe for the performance on last Saturday's episode.

Diversity’s powerful performance is now the second most complained about TV moment in a decade.

Ashley revealed earlier this week that he had received a barrage of abuse over the performance.

Piers fumed about people complaining about the dance – stressing that they are "artists" performing a dance.

He said: "What are you complaining about? George Floyd, a black man in America who died when a white policemen put a knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Two and a half of which he was unconscious. A moment that horrified the world.

"Diversity, who won on one of the years I was judging the show, are a brilliant dance troupe. They are artists."

He added: "We're getting a load of extraordinary reaction. Joy on Facebook: 'I will not watch BGT again ever.' Why not Joy? You can't deal with them doing performance art as a black dance troupe? About the seminal moment involving racism of the year. That offends you? It's that that offends you? Not the death of George Floyd?

"Maria on Twitter: 'The public don't have to enjoy this just because ITV put it as entertainment'. You don't have to enjoy it. You can appreciate the art. You can appreciate the power of what they did.

"Jules on Facebook: 'The fact is love it or hate it, BGT is an entertainment show, it's not a platform for a broadcast for the BLM party.'

"There is no BLM party. They are not saying they stand by everything the BLM organisation represents. They are saying a black man died at the knee of a policeman for nine minutes on camera and repeatedly said 'I can't breath'. And they wanted to highlight this and say that it mattered to them as a young, British black dance group."

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