Piers Morgan told to 'grow a pair' in another heated coronavirus row with son Spencer

PIERS Morgan has clashed with his son Spencer again as the pair rowed over lockdown for a fourth time.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 55, butted heads with his eldest son, 27, over the handling of the virus and told him to "grow a pair".

Taking to Twitter, Spencer first retweeted Piers' post, which read: "Imagine telling your grandkids in 40 years when they asked what you did in the War on Covid: 'Well, I refused to wear a mask, refused to take a vaccine & ignored lockdown rules – putting many lives at risk!'"

He then commented on his dad's tweet and fumed "Imagine telling them the world collapsed because of a 99.5% survival rate virus."

A virtual tug-of-war of opinions then followed as Piers retweeted Spencer's post and hit back: "The world’s fine.

"Only thing that’s collapsed is the bottle, resolve & resilience of many younger people who think this virus 'isn't our problem'.

"Grow a pair and do your bit."

Clearly touching a nerve, Spencer replied: "I believe the one who needs to grow a pair is the man terrified of the *99.7% virus #wakeup."

Their online spat comes over a week after Spencer claimed no one wants the lockdown "apart from dad".

Piers' son was responding to a YouGov poll which showed 72 per cent of English people backed the Prime Minister's second lockdown.

However, Piers told Spencer that no one "wants" the lockdown and he believes the measures are what the country needs to get the virus under control.

Spencer wrote: "Haha. Such BS. Literally not met a person who wants it apart from dad".

The presenter replied: "Nobody WANTS a lockdown. But most people, as this poll shows, believe one is now essential to control the virus and save lives.

"You shouldn't judge the popularity of your view on what Twitter says… it's invariably wrong about absolutely everything."

Last month Spencer tweeted "increased testing really has exposed the lie of Covid hasn't it".

He added: "We either lockdown forever or get on with life. There is no in between at this stage. Any other measures just delay the inevitable."

However, Piers took issue with the second tweet, saying: "No. There absolutely is an in-between option: suppress the virus as best we can until there's a vaccine or drugs that stop people dying.

"But do that we need a testing system that works… and a population prepared to tolerate sensible not absurd lifestyle restrictions."

Then later on in the month, they clashed again after Piers begged "covidiots" to unfollow him.

Spencer took to his popular Twitter page to moan: "Lockdownists think money grows on trees don't they."

Piers retweeted the message and added: "You can revive economies. You can't revive dead people."

Immediately after, the star seethed: "Can all Covidiots please just unfollow me and f**k off.

"This 2nd wave is extremely serious & I'm not interested in your insane conspiracy theories, your dumb fake charts, your 'proof' that covid's 'not as bad as the flu' – or any of your ignorant abusive garbage."

Spencer shared the message alongside the simple comment: "It was a fun 27 years. Farewell".

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