Princess Diana would have ‘banged feuding Harry and William’s heads together’

Lorraine Kelly was joined by Princess Diana 's former butler Paul Burrell on her show today as he discussed her infamous tell-all interview with Martin Bashir.

Paul revealed that Diana would not be happy with her sons

and Prince William's reported feud, and would be the one to bring them back together.

Lorraine asked: "It brings me to wonder what she would have thought about the fact William and Harry aren’t getting along right now.

"It seems like a bitter break up if you like for want of a better word."

Paul replied: "Well you know there’s a void open between William and Harry and that void should be filled by their mother.

"She would be the one to bring them back together again and she’d probably bang their heads together and say, ‘Come on now don’t be so silly and let’s get on with this.

"And she always did treat her boys the same, they were exactly the same."

He added: "She knew that one would be king one day and one wouldn’t.

"But everywhere she went with the children they were both the same.

"They were both her boys and she would want them to stand side by side."

Paul continued: "Ironically it’s going to be her that’s going to bring them back together again because July 1st next year would have been Diana’s 60th birthday.

"And the boys will stand side by side and unveil a statue to her memory in Kensington Palace Gardens.

"So the boys will be brought together again by their mother and I’m hoping from then on we can see an end to this spat that they’ve had.

"But you know it happens in all families Lorraine up and down the country, you know people are saying, 'Well my son married a strong independent woman and led him on a different path.'"

Paul added: "That’s exactly what’s happened to Harry. He’s married this woman who has ideas of her own,” Paul shared.

"He’s so besotted by her, he’s totally in love with her that she can’t do any wrong.

"So now he’s being led along her path. It won’t always be that way because I personally cannot see Harry happy in Los Angeles.

"All his friends, his family and his culture are back here in England. He’s not going to stand that forever."

Lorraine continues on Monday at 9am on ITV.

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