'Queen of the South' Pulls a 'Snowfall' Move With CIA Mastermind

Forget about whether Teresa and Pote will make it through Queen of the South, because many fans are nervously on edge about what will happen next. Only two episodes remain in the TV show and no one is safe. No one.

Season 5 has tested Teresita in love, business, and friendships. Marcel is gone, King George is dead, a pregnant Kelly Anne is in danger, and alliances are shaky. And the latest episode reveals one tricky twist that no one saw coming.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 8, “Everything I Touch”]

Pote rages so he can find Kelly Anne

It has been some time since viewers have seen Pote go into full sicario mode, but he does in episode 8. With guns blazing and a cold heart, he does anything he can to get Kelly Anne back. Once the gang tracks down Boaz’s guy, Osvaldo, they torture him for information.

He doesn’t give anything up and taunts Pote about Boaz killing Kelly Anne. Pote then bludgeons him to death. His rampage doesn’t stop and only intensifies after negotiations with Boaz go left.

Pote chases down Boaz’s guys on his own and finally finds Kelly Anne, but all of this was part of a greater scheme. And James has the key.

Devon Finch is behind all of Teresa’s drama

James tells Teresa that her Colombian plug Castel works for the CIA. Like Snowfall, Teresa’s drug business is part of another plan. She wants to cut off Boaz’s supply, and they realize they need to clear it with Devon Finch. No one has seen him for a long time either.

At first, he’s not answering James’ calls. When Teresa and James return to her office after a shootout with Boaz, they find Devon and his mercenaries waiting. He wants her to kill Kostya, someone who operates like a ghost.

Teresa refuses until Devon explains how the CIA basically operates like a puppet master. The organization controls who funnels drugs from South America to the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. Snowfall fans, does this sound familiar?

They created the rift with Boaz, interfered with supply, and if Teresa doesn’t kill Kostya, she’s stuck with her Boaz coup. She finally agrees, and she ropes in Oksana to get the job done.

That’s a costly mistake. Somehow, Kostya is steps ahead of their plan and poisons Oksana. Her phone must have been tapped. And Devon is not done.

Kostya is closing in on Teresa

Kostya calls Teresa to issue a direct threat, and now it’s a game of who clips whom first. The trailer for episode 9 shows Devon pressing Teresa about killing Kostya. Not only is it the way out of her Boaz problem, but it’s possibly a way out of the drug game for good.

Under Devon’s command, the CIA can either pull support or throw it behind someone. So far, it seems like Teresa is their best bet for taking care of Kostya. But what about Boaz? Fans want him dead. Teresa wants him dead. And exiled Pote wants him dead too.

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