Queen of the South season 5 theories: Teresa to sell drug business instead of faking death

Queen of the South: Fifth season teased by USA Network

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Teresa Mendoza’s (played by Alice Braga) number has been up since Queen of the South’s chilling opening scene in the first season. However, a new fan theory has proposed the USA Network’s dark crime series could have a happy ending after all.

The fifth season of Queen of the South could end with Teresa Mendoza finally getting out of the drug business.

Following extensive coronavirus delays, the riveting crime drama has finally returned for its fifth and final instalment.

Only one episode of the current season has aired so far, but plenty of theories have already emerged to try and predict how the series could eventually come to an end.

At the start of season one, the action flashes forward, seemingly confirming Queenpin Teresa Mendoza would eventually be killed in her extravagant mansion.

As the series has progressed, some viewers have started to believe the increasingly ruthless drug lord will eventually find a way to fake her own death in the series finale.

However, upon the release of the first episode of season five, one fan proposed a different theory entirely.

They took to Reddit when they realised last week’s premiere, ‘Fantasmas’, may have contained some subtle clues to Teresa’s eventual fate.

User CanLost10 posted: “I initially thought, like a lot of fans, that the ending would be Teresa faking her death to get out of the business.”

“However, in this last episode they keep talking about a water front property.”

With Teresa’s business expanding all over the South, the increasingly wealthy drug mogul is currently in the market for a new home that better represents her powerful status.

But, with new threats emerging from all sides, she may be on the lookout for a potential retirement home as opposed to a luxurious pad from which to do business.

Moreover, some key moments from the previous season suggest Teresa may have already started looking for a way out.

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The fan continued: “In season four Teresa kept talking about investing in legitimate businesses.

“So I think that Teresa will sell off her drug business in order to escape and move away to that water front property to be away from it all.”

From the very beginning, Teresa has always been a somewhat reluctant participant in the South’s dangerous drug trafficking.

Cartel leader Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcón) kept Teresa under her thumb for the earlier instalments, before she was eventually sent into exile at the end of season three.

Now Teresa is on her way to beginning the titular Queen of the South, she’s finally powerful enough to elude her enemies and retire from the drug business for good.

Unfortunately this theory does raise some questions, as it still doesn’t explain who shoots Teresa and why in the series’ opening flashforward.

Still, long term fans are desperate for Teresa to get her well deserved happy ending, so the intriguing prologue could be revealed as one big misdirect.

There are still nine more episodes of season five to come, so viewers will just have to keep tuning in to have their most burning questions finally answered.

Queen of the South season 5 continues Wednesday, April 14 on USA Network.

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