Ranvir Singh says 'black and brown' ITV colleagues are 'physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted' over racism

GOOD Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh has revealed her "black and brown" ITV colleagues are "physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted" over racism.

The Strictly star broke down in tears on the breakfast show yesterday with her co-host Susanna Reid following the "hideous" abuse of England's footballers.

Ranvir said she was bombarded with praise for speaking out about her own experiences of racism – and admitted the toll it has taken on her ITV co-stars.

The 43-year-old said: "I've had text messages from black and brown colleagues at ITV who say 'we're exhausted. we're physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and thank you for saying it'.

"It's not easy, but you have to keep saying it. You have to keep having the conversation.

"And that/s why we have to be thankful to those lads on the pitch on this occasion, we have to be truly thankful to them. I would thank them personally."

Co-host Richard Madeley asked her: "You mean it's almost a blessing that we lost [the England match] in the way that we did? In the sense of what's followed on in the terms of national discussion."

Stern Ranvir replied: "Had we won, we wouldn't be having these conversations. Whether it's a blessing or not I don't know."

Ranvir got teary after Susanna read out the heartfelt words written by nine-year-old football fan Dexter Rosier's letter to Manchester United star Marcus Rashford.

Rashford is one of three England penalty takers getting abused following the nail-biting shootout.

On today's show, Richard told how his "eyes had been opened" following the horrifying racist abuse online.

He said: "After the programme yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who is black.

"I've never had this kind of conversation with anyone of colour before, but I asked 'will you take me through your day?'

"It was an eye-opener actually. Without complaint or bitterness it was described to me what it's like from dawn to dusk to be a black person in this country.

"Micro racism, unconscious racism in a lot of cases, but there on a daily basis. It had never really crossed my mind that it was that deep.

"And this is very a mild-mannered person and I was really quite shocked."

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