Reality Steve defends Clare Crawley after 'strip volleyball' game, points to Peter Weber's season

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley decided to switch things up during last night’s episode.

She had a group date during Episode 2 where the guys had to play a volleyball game. The winners would get some extra time with her that night.

But Clare decided to change the rules. She wanted to change the volleyball game to a strip volleyball game.

The guys had to drop one piece of clothing every time they lost rounds within the game.

While Clare may have enjoyed looking at half-naked guys playing a sports game, viewers were quick to call out the show.

Clare Crawley was not responsible for the strip volleyball game

People were clearly not happy about seeing the way Clare was asking the guys to strip down. They called out Clare for being inappropriate and rude.

In all of her promotions for The Bachelorette, she’s been talking about respecting the process and being grateful for the opportunity.

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Reality Steve took to Twitter, sharing that he would like to remind people that something similar happened on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor last year.

During his season, they had the women participate in a lingerie pillow fight.

Reality Steve pointed out that the date was ridiculous and said that ABC has double standards. But he asked fans to blame the show, not the lead.

Reality Steve does give credit to ABC for actually having a good date when Jason and Clare got a chance to know each other.  They talked about past trauma and bad relationships.

In a bold move, Clare burned her dress from her time on Juan Pablo’s season of the show.

Clare Crawley brought out angry viewers during Episode 2

However, the episode wasn’t all positive for Clare. During Episode 2, Clare’s behavior started to anger viewers as she came across as selfish. In one scene,  she arrived at a group date and she was upset that none of the guys jumped on her to have some alone time.

During her alone time with Bennett, she revealed that she was so frustrated with the guys that she had to go confront them. Viewers thought she was being immature, making a big deal out of something she could have laughed off.

Later in the episode, Clare sent home Brandon Goss after he admitted that he hadn’t done any research on her. He told her outright that he didn’t really know much about her, something she found to be outrageous, so she sent him home right away.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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