Remembering the Dad’s Army cast mates who have sadly passed away

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Beloved sitcom Dad’s Army remains just as much of a hit in modern times despite finishing back in 1977. As well as original episodes of the BBC show still being aired to this day, the popularity of the comedy has resulted in two films and the modern spin-off Dad’s Army: The Lost Episodes, which saw Gavin and Stacey‘s Mathew Horne and Friday Night Dinner‘s Tom Rosenthal star in a series of episodes missing from the original broadcast. While the spirit and humour of Dad’s Army continues to live on today, the original stars of the show have sadly passed on. Take a look through the gallery to see the original cast and celebrate their work…


Captain Mainwaring – Arthur Lowe

Taking the lead role of Captain Mainwaring was Arthur Lowe. Arthur’s role as the pompous caption was perhaps his most iconic role, but the actor also appeared in others shows such as Coronation Street and many other films. Arthur died 1982 aged 66 after suffering a stroke.

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Sergeant Arthur Wilson – John Le Mesurier

John le Mesurier was also perhaps best known for his role as Sergeant Wilson, often questioning Mainwaring’s actions. However, John also starred in theatre productions of Shakespeare and Priestley plays. He also received a BAFTA for his role in TV play Traitor. John passed away in 1983 aged 71 after suffering liver complications.

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Lance Corporal Jack Jones – Clive Dunn

Clive Dunn played Lance Corporal Jack Jones, the “worrier” of the group. After serving as a trooper in the Second World War, Clive then pursued a career acting before landing the role in the sitcom in 1968. Clive died at his home in Portugal in 2012, aged 92.

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Private James Fazer – John Laurie

Scottish actor John Laurie played Private James Fazer, most loved for his catchphrase ‘we’re doomed. Doomed!” John enjoyed huge success in acting, even prior to his role in the BBC sitcom, and often appeared in films directed by acting veteran Laurence Olivier. John died in 1980 aged 83.

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Private Charles Godfrey – Arnold Ridley

Playing Private Charles Godfrey was Arnold Ridley, who was known for his theatre work as well as TV work prior to starring in Dad’s Army. Arnold died in 1984 aged 88 and actress Daisy Ridley is his great niece.

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Private Joe Walker – James Beck

James Beck played Private Joe Walker – known as a ‘black market spiv’. As well as Dad’s Army, James had roles in TV shows such as Coronation Street and Sherlock Holmes. Sadly, James died in 1973 aged 44 after suffering pancreatitis while the show was still on air, meaning his character was written out of the show.

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Private Frank Pike – Ian Lavender

Youngest of the bunch was Private Frank Pike, played by Ian Lavender. Ian remains the only living actor from the original cast. Since the show, Ian mostly focused on theatre, but also had a number of appearances in shows such as Eastenders, Coronation Street, and Keeping Up Appearances.

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