‘RHOA’: Nene Leakes Blasts Kandi Burruss for Hypocrisy Over Leakes’ Rape Comment Comedy Scandal

Nene Leakes and Kandi Burruss have always had a rollercoaster relationship. Since joining RHOA in Season 2, Burruss says she and Leakes just never cliqued. But by Season 11, things between the two appeared more peaceful.

Burruss even asked Leakes to join her on tour but fired Leakes after Leakes made a damaging comment about rape during a comedy show. Leakes says Burruss hasn’t had the same energy toward her Xscape group member Tiny Harris in light of Harris being accused of sexual assault. 

Kandi Burruss fires Nene Leakes over Leakes’ controversial rape comment

In 2017, Xscape announced The Great Xscape Reunion Tour. The tour featured opening acts June’s Diary, O.M.G. Girls, Tamar Braxton, and Monica. Leakes was also set to host the tour as she was embarking on a comedy career. 

But ahead of the tour’s start, Leakes found herself in a scandal. During a comedy set in California, Leakes told an audience member that she hoped she would get sexually assaulted by her Uber driver. The comment caused an instant frenzy.

Leakes says she tried publicly correcting her mistake and explains the whole ordeal was taken out of context.

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“I was very new doing comedy and a heckler was going back and forth with me while I was on stage and she said to me, ‘Go and kill yourself,’ and I’d had several drinks and I said, ‘You go and get raped,’ or something like that,” Leakes explained in a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored

Amid the chaos that followed and the backlash Leakes began receiving, she says Burruss notified her that she would no longer be hosting the tour. “She told me on the show and off the show – she called me up one morning without my agents knowing, iCM or anybody, she said, ‘You can no longer host our show because you used the word rape.’”

Leakes and Burruss also discussed the incident on RHOA.

Nene Leakes says Kandi Burruss not disassociating herself from Tiny Harris is hypocritical 

While Leakes says she is understanding of why Burruss made the decision to scrap her from the tour from a business decision, she doesn’t understand why the same consequences haven’t been given from Burruss to her group member, Harris.

Harris and T.I. are currently accused by more than a dozen women of drugging and sexually assaulting them. Burruss has stood by Harris publicly, even continuing their business together with their group. Leakes finds this hypocritical.

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“It’s been several rape allegations by a number of people [about Harris] and I’ve not heard her once say, ‘You can’t come on tour with us Tiny, or you can’t do the Verzus battle with us Tiny,’ or anything,” Leakes says. “She publicly made an announcement that Nene could no longer be on this tour with us – and there’s no rape allegations against me. I’ve never raped a woman or a man.”

Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee also points out the difference in the way Leakes and the Harris’ are handling their scandals. Leakes immediately apologized for her comment. The Harris’ maintain they are innocent and refuse to apologize to their alleged victims. They also maintain that anything they’ve done in the privacy of their bedroom with any third party was consensual.

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