‘RHOA’ Reunion: Eva Marcille and NeNe Leakes Get Into Screaming Match

The other cast members are stunned with how things escalate between NeNe and Eva before host and executive producer Andy Cohen decides to mute NeNe’s video feed.

AceShowbiz -“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” finally aired the first part of season 12 reunion, which saw the Housewives filming from their own houses. The Sunday, May 10 episode featured Porsha Williams going after Kenya Moore as she brought a lot of receipts, while NeNe Leakes and Eva Marcille were exchanging insults like there is no tomorrow.

The tension between NeNe and Eva rose after the latter interjected herself into every argument throughout the hour. “This isn’t your fight,” NeNe told Eva, who later responded, “Sweetheart, it’s whatever I want it to be.”

NeNe then shaded Eva about wanting to turn her plumb into a peach, alluding that she wanted to be the main character on the Bravo show. That appeared to trigger Eva who then reminded NeNe that “I was on the red carpet you were trying to get on when I met you.” Before she finished her sentence, NeNe yelled, “Nobody cares about you being on a carpet 17 years ago,” referring to Eva’s “America’s Next Top Model” win back in 2004.

The two continued to take a jab at each other. Eva claimed that she was “the face of a cosmetic line,” but NeNe said that Eva was “broke” when she came to Atlanta. “All you can talk about is ‘Top Model’, and that was the last time you was on top. You’re a freshman, b***h. Remember that!” added NeNe, before demanding that Eva respected “the elders” and went “back to L.A.”

Meanwhile, the other cast members were stunned with how things escalated between NeNe and Eva and host Andy Cohen asked them to move on. However, he was ignored by them, prompting him to mute NeNe’s video feed, much to Porsha’s liking.

As for Kenya and Porsha, the latter brought some text messages in which Kenya allegedly told her that she wanted to take Cynthia Bailey down this season. “So there’s a text from Kenya to you, [Porsha], dogging me out, [and] trying to take me out while Kenya and I have been friends? I don’t believe that.” After sending the said text messages to both Andy and Cynthia, Porsha called Kenya a “fake friend” with “fake receipts.”

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