RHOBH fans praise Crystal Kung Minkoff for admitting she's a 'recovering bulimic' but lost 5lbs recently 'due to stress'

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills star Crystal Kung Minkoff was praised by fans for admitting she’s a “recovering bulimic” after she lost 5lbs.

The Bravo star said she lost weight due to “stress” during Wednesday’s episode.

After sharing she lost 5 lbs. following a stressful week of fighting with co-star Sutton Stracke, Crystal opened up about her eating disorder.

Reflecting on their recent trip to Lake Tahoe, Crystal, 35, said: “It was not a good weight loss. I was like, ‘This is sort of indicative of how I felt about the trip.”

She explained that she identifies as a “recovery bulimic,” as she’s been struggling with the eating disorder since she was 11.

The RHOBH star said in a confessional: “To be clear, I didn’t have a relapse on the trip. I was just under so much stress and having such a horrible time. I just couldn’t eat.

“I just want the girls to know how hyper aware I am of my weight and sort of the struggles that I go through.”

Back at her conversation with the Bravo stars, Crystal said that her eating disorder is “under control.”

She continued: “It’s not something I’ve ever hidden because it’s been so long.”

Adding that she’s “not suffering on the daily about it,” Crystal said: “I was 11-years-old when I watched a video in class about eating disorders and obviously it was a negative message and then I sort of picked up some tools from it and that’s when it began.”

A number of viewers took to Twitter to praise Crystal for sharing her story, as one person wrote: “Crystal has been one of the most open and honest new housewives we’ve had in years!”

Another added: “Crystal keeps solidifying herself as THAT girl..girl the openness. Love her!”

A third RHOBH fan chimed in: “I love how open Crystal is. I see longevity in her future.”

A fourth wrote: “Wow, hard to believe Crystal was [bulimic]. She's being so open right now.”

The praise continued when a following fan said: “That’s super brave of Crystal to share.”

An additional person commented: “Very brave of Crystal to share about her eating disorder.”

Crystal’s co-stars praised her for being open about the topic, with Lisa Rinna saying her story will help others.

The 57-year-old added that her own daughter, Amelia Hamlin, has been open about her eating disorder on the show.

In a confessional, Lisa praised her 20-year-old daughter for being “so brave and so honest and her story” on a past episode of RHOBH.

Lisa noted that Amelia’s story inspired Kyle Richards to speak about her own eating disorder that began when she was younger.

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