Ricky Schroder Apologizes for Anti-Mask Tirade at Costco

Former child star badgered a big-box employee for insisting he wear a mask

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Ricky Schroder apologized Monday for badgering a Costco employee who was following company policy by not letting the former child star into the big-box store without a mask.

“I was trying to make a point to the corporate overlords and I’m sorry that I had to use you to do it,” anti-masker Schroder said in an Instagram video.

Schroder flew into a tirade Sunday when he showed up at Costco without a mask and was stopped at the door by a greeter, Jason, who wouldn’t allow him to enter.

“Didn’t you see the news? You didn’t see the news,” Schroder told Jason from behind the camera in a video that went viral. “Nationwide, Costco has said you don’t need to wear masks.”

After Jason calmly told him that it was a rule that everyone must follow, Schroder continued his rant, saying, “Oh, if they allow us? If they grant us that, our kings? The people in power?” Schroder mocked. “You’re gonna listen to these people? They’ve destroyed our economy. They’re destroying our culture. They’re destroying our state, and you’re just gonna listen to their rules.”

In his videotaped apology, Schroder said, “Jason, nothing personal. I’m not upset with you or anybody in the position like you have, who works for a living. I understand you were following your laws and rules. I was trying to make a point to the corporate overlords and I’m sorry that I had to use you to do it. And if I hurt your feelings, I apologize.”

Schroder went on to acknowledge that he lost his temper while, at the same time, repeating his disdain for the government’s handling of the pandemic.

“I do think that independence for medical tyranny is more important than hurting people’s feelings, so I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. But I want us all to be free,” he said. “I want us all to go back to the way it was. I don’t want this COVID reality they want, these COVID passports. I just don’t want it. And neither should you.”

As of May 14, Costco modified its policy regarding face coverings in some U.S. locations. In California, where the state or local jurisdiction does have a mask mandate, Costco “will follow the state or local regulations and continue to require members and guests to wear a face mask or face shield,” it said in a statement on their website.

To date, there have been more than 22 million reported cases of COVID-19 and over 586,000 deaths.

You can watch You can watch Schroder’s full apology below.

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