'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6': The First Projected Cast List Now That Queens Are Allegedly Sequestered

Though it seems like RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 5 just aired, it looks like season 13 of the main show has completed filming and All Stars season 6 is gearing up for production to kick off soon.

Several Drag Race YouTube spoiler channels have compiled Reddit threads into videos, detailing queens that are allegedly a part of the cast. Information was gathered by looking at which queens that have not posted on social media in about a week, given the fact that they are supposedly sequestered right now.

The rumored cast list has changed multiple times over the past few days as queens that were once thought to be a sure bet are now apparently not doing it. As reported by several Redditers, many queens are said to have declined due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We’ve listed the queens below, but keep in mind this is fluid and will likely change as more information comes out when production starts:

Queens that are pretty much a sure bet

Trinity K. Bonet – Fans (as well as Bonet herself) have been campaigning for her to be on All Stars for years. Fans anticipation continued to rise due to the fact that Bonet, a lauded lip-sync assassin in the fandom, did not appear as one on All Stars 5. Bonet said earlier this year she got a call for All Stars twice (presumably season 3 and 4) but declined the first time because she wasn’t ready and didn’t advance the second time. Surely now, the stars have aligned for her to be back on our screens.

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Yara Sofia – She, along with Pandora Boxx, is heavily rumored to be the next All Stars 1 queen to re-enter the workroom. With Alexis Mateo having a good showing on All Stars 5, many are thinking that the same thing can happen to Yara and newer fans will be introduced to her.

Jiggly Caliente – This is another queen who was rumored to be on another season of All Stars. Jiggly is said to have been called for All Stars 5, but couldn’t as it conflicted with filming Pose. The season 4 queen would be great transgender representation and the second out, transgender performer on the show.

Also a sure bet

Sonique – This season 2 queen would be the third out, transgender performer on the show if she and Jiggly are both on the season. Sonique has been a fan-favorite and the fandom has wanted her back for years. She is clearly good with production due to the fact that she appeared in the holiday special. The time is perfect for her to come back.

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Pandora Boxx – Pandora would be the second All Stars 1 queen to sashay back into the workroom. It would be exciting to see her back for the same reasons as Yara. Also, let’s face it, we have to continue to give everyone that was on All Stars 1 their second chance.

Scarlet Envy – This season 11 queen was rumored to be the only queen from her season to be on All Stars 5. Clearly this wasn’t the case, but now would be a perfect moment to bring her back. Scarlet makes great television and definitely would have something to prove.

Jan – Aside from All Stars 5, every other season has had at least two queen from the immediate Drag Race season prior return to the show. This tradition will be back for All Stars 6 as Jan will rep season 12. While some may say it is too soon

The second group of likely queens that are more surprising choices

A’keria Chanel Davenport – This season 11 queen is the first of the more surprising choices for All Stars 6. A’keria has always been a favorite to one day return (you know Drag Race loves the Davenports) but no one figured this soon. Still, it will be great to see the finalist back again.

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Ra’Jah O’Hara – Speaking of Davenports, Rajah stirred a lot of the drama during the season, especially during her feud with Scarlet Envy. Rajah is another with a lot to prove and there is also a big storyline that could take place here with season 11’s lip-sync assassin and her relationships with the other season 11 girls.

Ginger Minj – Here’s where it gets murky, because Ginger would be the very first All Star outside of All Stars 1 to return. Minj had a stellar run on season 7 and its one of the most loved queens from the show. However, she was delivered a rough hand during All Stars 2, which is arguably the toughest season in the entire franchise. If any non-All Stars 1 queen were to come back, it should be her.

Jessica Wild – Rounding out the 10 is would be this early season queen. She and Sonique would be the two “old school” queens who haven’t been on an All Stars season, so fans should be all-in to see how she has changed since all those years ago.

Highly-anticipated queens who may be possible but probably aren’t returning

Asia O’Hara and/or Kameron Michaels – These two season 10 sisters were first rumored for All Stars 5 but ended up not being on there. They are two fan-favorites who are deeply embedded in the World of Wonder/Voss Events brand.

However, both of them have continued posting on social media. This should immediately be a sign that they aren’t on the season. Perhaps they are still waiting a season or two for it to be the right time? But in the slim chance that they are actually on All Stars 6, they could be on social right now because they have to promote RuPaul’s Drag Race: Vegas Revue.

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