Ruth Langsford stuns Eamonn Holmes with hilarious X-rated spin dryer confession

Ruth Langsford dropped a bombshell on Celebrity Gogglebox by making an X-rated confession to husband Eamonn Holmes.

Celebrity Gogglebox stars were tuning in to Sex in Lockdown: Keep S******g and Carry On, which looked at how people were finding inventive ways to get freaky in quarantine.

Host Anna Richardson listed the top household items that people were bringing into the bedroom to spice things up, including a feather duster, a hoover and a spatula.

Reacting to the show, Ruth told Eamonn: ‘My friend had the old style spin dryer that used to move around, so you’d have to sit on it to keep it still. And it was quite fun.’

‘And she told you that?’ Eamonn asked.

Ruth replied: ‘We used to sit on it together.’

Her other half opened his mouth in disbelief as she chuckled at him.

The Loose Women star’s sauciness didn’t stop there, as she went to their kitchen and returned with a lemon squeezer (at least we hope it was…) brandishing it at Eamonn.

Fans on Twitter were loving seeing Ruth’s naughty side.

‘I’m p*****g myself laughing at ruth but i can’t look at a washing machine in the same way again [sic]’ read one tweet.

‘Eamonn & Ruth with a lemon juicer is something I didn’t know I needed to see’ said another, while another posted: ‘Omg I screamed!!!! Get your dryer life.’

A further tweet read: ‘@EamonnHolmes and Ruth are brilliant…..I’ll never look at her the same way after her spin washer story.’ Another fan wrote: ‘Just when I thought I couldn’t love Ruth Langsford any more…’ while another posted: ‘Just learnt too much about Ruth and Eamonn.’

Also in the episode the celebs tuned into Al Pacino classic Scarface, an episode of Countdown and horror flick Us.

Celebrity Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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