Ryan Reynolds Posts Sweet Mother's Day Tribute to Blake Lively, His Mom and Mother-in-Law

Ryan and Blake met in 2010 on the set of Green Lantern and later married in 2012. They welcomed their youngest daughter — whom they have yet to reveal the name of — late last year.

In January, Blake opened up about how she and Ryan have been transitioning to life with three kids.

“At one point, we had three [kids aged] 4 and under,” the actress said during an appearance on Good Morning America. “It’s like going from two to 3,000. [We] have so many children. It’s pretty [crazy]. We’re outnumbered. It’s a lot.”

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The Gossip Girl alumna also revealed that she and Ryan weren’t the only ones learning to adjust to the new baby.

“It’s a bit of a tough adjustment in our house, but it’s good,” she told Jimmy Fallon that same month. “I have two other daughters, so my oldest is very into the baby but my middle child, not so much.

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