Sean Murray Reveals What Many People 'Don't Know' About Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray starred across from each other in NCIS for over a decade. Weatherly’s Special Agent Tony DiNozzo was a jokester, fond of finding inopportune times to pick on fellow agents, often McGee (Murray). The two boasted a sibling-like relationship on the show: they bickered back and forth, but loved each other and respected one another. 

Fans enjoyed watching McGee and DiNozzo on-screen. Their behind-the-scenes relationship likely had something to do with their strong on-screen chemistry. Over the years, the two became quite close, and today, they are good friends. Murray explained his relationship with Weatherly to EOnline, noting what he knows about the actor that many people will never witness. 

Sean Murray talks about his friendship with Michael Weatherly 

Sean Murray explained his bond with Michael Weatherly, noting, “Michael and I, you can tell we’re very close…From the beginning of the series, we bonded and formed a real relationship on and off-screen.” As Sean Murray grew closer with Weatherly, he came to discover aspects of his personality that fans at home and mere acquaintances may not get the chance to see. He explained: 

Michael’s one of my best friends and I love him to death…Something a lot of people don’t know about Michael: He’s one of the most compassionate people I know. He cares about people, like really truly cares about humans. That’s a rare thing, especially in a world filled with self-centered people playing make-believe, which is what this business can be and is sometimes. 

Sean Murray explains that Weatherly is “compassionate:” he is an empathetic man in a world often too individualistic. In an industry about “playing make-believe,” it can be difficult to discover the “good” people — those who aren’t just clawing their way to the top by any means necessary. 

Sean Murray on saying goodbye to Michael Weatherly as Tony’s last ‘NCIS’ episode neared 

Weatherly left NCIS in 2016, and his departure was quite the emotional experience for the cast. While actors come and go, and the show adapts, saying goodbye doesn’t miraculously become easier each time. Murray noted: 

We’re both the kind of people who don’t like to say goodbye … but I love Michael and I love Tony…People are afraid of change, but change can also mean possibilities and new things to explore. We’ll see what happens!

NCIS has continued to succeed with Wilmer Valderrama stepping in to fill (or attempt to fill) Tony’s shoes. While no one can ever replace “very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo,” the show’s writers keep the procedural interesting. 

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