'Selling Sunset' Star Davina Potratz Thinks the Show Does Not Portray Her Well: 'I'm Really Sweet and Kind to People'

Selling Sunset premiered on Netflix in 2019 but has grown its fanbase recently with the release of seasons 2 and 3 during the pandemic. A part of what makes Selling Sunset so addictive to viewers seems to be a mix of beautiful houses and constant drama between the cast members.

One agent on the show who often finds herself in the middle of various arguments is Davina Potratz. In fact, Potratz also tends to be portrayed as an antagonist during these conflicts. Yet, according to Potratz, this is all because her personality has not been given a chance to shine through on Selling Sunset.

Davina Potratz became a main cast member starting on season 2 of ‘Selling Sunset’

Potratz was only a recurring cast member on the first season. Although she was working at the Oppenheim Group at the time, she simply appeared a handful of times for much of the season.

However, by the second season, Potratz was a main cast member. Her screentime increased as she found herself getting into more conflicts with the other real estate agents on the show.

Additionally, for much of seasons 2 and 3, her career received a lot of focus as well. She landed the chance to sell a $75 million home, and Selling Sunset followed her journey in trying to accomplish this task.

Some of Davina Potratz’s actions have not sat well with fans

Potratz has been a rather divisive personality on the show, and much of it has been due to her actions not sitting well with a large number of fans.

On the first and second seasons, Potratz fought with new girl Chrishell Stause often. They started having conflicts when Potratz accused Stause of talking behind someone else’s back. Stause defended herself by insisting she was only asking questions about said person out of curiosity, but Potratz did not stop her accusations.

At the end of season 3, Potratz received criticism from viewers again after she asked Stause to consider her ex-husband’s side of the story after he unexpectedly filed for a divorce.

Davina Potratz thinks the show does not portray her well

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It seems everyone who watches Selling Sunset has an opinion on Potratz. However, not all of it is positive, and Potratz believes this is all because the show does not portray her well.

“I wish a little more of my perspective was shown, and that viewers were introduced to me more – you don’t really know much about me,” she told Cosmopolitan UK. “I’m really sweet and funny and kind to people. And I don’t think you see much of that at all. You also don’t get to see the full context of a conversation on the show [so] people just assume things because they don’t know me.”

Despite all of this, Portratz assured fans she does not regret doing the show. She even noted that this experience had brought her closer to fellow cast member Christine Quinn since both of them received a lot of negative comments.

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