'Sister Wives': Could Meri Brown Get a Spinoff Show If She Left the Family?

Meri Brown appears to be further distancing herself from her famous family. At least, that is what family followers think is happening. Neither Meri nor Kody Brown has made public statements about their relationship, but the evidence that Meri is on her way out of her plural marriage continues to mount. Now, fans are left wondering, could Meri cash in with a spinoff series if she were to leave the Browns and Sister Wives behind?  

Why do fans think Meri Brown is ready to leave the Browns?

Rumors that Meri is ready to leave the Browns behind havebeen circulating ever since she was caught up in acatfishing scandal in 2015. It has been five years, and she still seems tobe connected to Kody and the rest of the family, but in recent months, hersocial media feed has changed significantly. The sudden change has led somefans to believe a change is coming.

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Meri completely ignored her 30th anniversary in Apriland failedto acknowledge Kody for Father’s Day in June. Fans also noticed that Meriis appearing without her wedding ring, and she’s been posting cryptic quotesabout change and fear in recent weeks. The scenery in her photos has changed,too. Family followers note that Meri appears to be spending more and more timein Utah, where she owns a successful inn.

What would a divorce mean for the polygamist wife?

Meri has been married to Kody for 30 years, although theirlegal marriage was dissolved in 2014. Walking away from such a longstandingrelationship could be emotionally challenging, and even more complicated givenMeri and her family’s alternative lifestyle. Kristyn Decker, who was once in a pluralmarriage, has spoken openly about the practice and the difficulty women facewhen attempting to leave. In fact, Decker, who is Christine Brown’s aunt, hascalled the entire practice a “cult system.”

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Strangely enough, divorce was not particularly uncommonwithin the religions that once practice plural marriage, explains Slate.In fact, Utah, where many polygamists once settled, had incredibly lax divorcelaws, and women would often move from one plural family to another. That’s no longerthe case, though. In fact, family followers strongly believe that Meri stays withKody out of fear of being rejected by her only child.

Could Meri Brown get a spinoff?

If Meri were to leave her famous family, followers are allfor the idea of Meri appearing on her own spinoff series. Redditusers discussed the possibility just two months ago, and most seem totaldown to watch Meri disentangle herself from the Brown family. One poster evensuggested they’d like to see the often sullen Meri on a dating-style reality TVshow.

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While fans might be totally here for a spinoff featuring Meri,it certainly doesn’t appear to be on the table. Meri, as it stands, remainscommitted to Kody, regardless of how much the pair appear to find each otherintolerable. At the very least, she seems committed aslong as Sister Wives continues. If the show goes off the air,however, all bets are off, assume family followers.

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