Sky’s brutal Gangs of London to return for second season after huge success of violent first series – The Sun

GANGS of London is set to return as Sky announces a second series of the gritty drama.

And new fans across the world will be created as the Sky Original show goes global.

The brutal Sky Atlantic show – which has been described as one of the most violent programmes on television – ended with a bloodbath finale last week.

The programme has followed the battles between rival mobs operating in England’s modern-day capital city.

At the centre of the show, created by filmmaker Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery, has been the death of kingpin Finn Wallace, who had until his death kept London’s crime factions in check.

Finn’s murder led to fierce power struggles in the city’s underworld as his son Sean went on a violent mission to avenge the killing – pitting the Wallaces against the previously-friendly Dumani family, headed up by Ed and son Alex, and under intense police investigation.

Fans will be pleased to hear that the action will return in 2022, with filming already planned for next year.

The drama is now set to explode on to screens around the world as AMC has picked up rights for series one of the smash hit in the US and will also join as a co-producer for Series two.

Viewers in the US will be able to watch Gangs of London Series one this autumn on AMC, with the show also scheduled to air on Sky in Germany and Italy this summer.

Announcing the second series, Zai Bennett, Sky UK’s Managing Director of Content, said: “Not only is Gangs of London Sky’s most binged premiere box-set this year, it’s the biggest original drama launch on Sky Atlantic of the past five years.

"It’s dark, dangerous and we are thrilled it is coming back for a second series.

"We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome AMC to our gang for Series two alongside the teams at Pulse Films, SISTER and Sky Studios.

"Will the Wallace family rise again, will the Dumanis remain loyal to their new allies and who is Elliot really working for? All these questions and more will be waiting for Sky viewers when Gangs of London returns to screens in 2022.”

Gangs of London is currently Sky’s most binged premiere boxset this year with just under a million viewers watching the ninth and final episode of the series within two weeks, in addition to over 16.6m downloads across the series so far.

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