Snowpiercer season 2: Melanie’s failed return to the train opened up huge series plot hole

Snowpiercer: Season two episode seven teaser

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The second season of TNT’s science fiction adventure Snowpiercer has pushed logic to the limits for some fans. The latest instalment, ‘Many Miles From Snowpiercer’, ended in tragedy for Melanie Cavill (played by Jennifer Connelly), but could the abandoned explorer have made it back alive?

Viewers have spotted a glaring logistical flaw in the closing moments of the latest episode of Snowpiercer’s second season.

Episode six received acclaim from fans and critics after Jennifer Connelly delivered a powerhouse performance as Melanie Cavill.

Last week moved the action away from Snowpiercer and Big Alice as Melanie made the arduous trek to a nearby research station to search for Earth hotspots.

Unfortunately, she was once again separated from her daughter Alex (Rowan Blanchard) when she narrowly missed her chance to reboard the 10-mile long locomotive.

Although the ongoing instalment of TNT’s bleak dystopian drama keeps getting better, this latest development left some viewers scratching their heads.

The fatal flaw was first spotted by TVLine, as their rundown of last week’s biggest TV questions pointed out a key factor in the train’s design that the series somehow missed.

They wrote: “Didn’t the 10 miles-long Snowpiercer rumble past Melanie pretty quickly? Again, the train is 10. Miles. Long.”

While the Snowpiercer certainly travels fast, it isn’t quite so speedy that an abandoned passenger wouldn’t eventually be able to catch up to flag it down.

Admittedly, Melanie did have to trudge through thick snow to get back to the tracks, but someone on board should have been able to spot her in time to slow the engine down.

Plus, fans were quick to point out that the train’s brakes were on fire, potentially because someone on board was desperately trying to slow the train down.

Despite the fact the Snowpiercer wasn’t going full speed, all 10 miles of the train raced past Melanie in a matter of seconds, trapping her in the frozen wasteland.

The final twist was especially infuriating for some as it yet again fuelled theories that Melanie won’t be surviving season two.

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Moreover, after being away from Snowpiercer for several episodes already, a number of fans are now expecting Jennifer Connelly will be largely absent until the season finale.

Others have even suggested Melanie was experiencing yet another hallucination, as visions had been plaguing her throughout the episode.

On Reddit, one fan said: “Does anyone else think that Snowpiercer going by with the brakes on fire and Alex screaming could simply be another hallucination?”

And another wrote on Twitter: “I truly think that was a hallucination. Too few cars and no way in hell that train goes that fast.”

While part of the audience believes something is afoot onboard the Snowpiercer, others are convinced Melanie’s mind was once again playing tricks on her.

The series continues with another episode on Monday evening, which should hopefully explain why Melanie’s ticket back on board the Snowpiercer was rejected.

Whatever the case, fans seem to be in agreement that it shouldn’t be physically possible for the train’s 1,034 cars to speed by that fast.

Snowpiercer season 2 continues Monday, March 8 on TNT and the following Tuesday on Netflix.

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