Son of Yorkshire Ripper victim 'felt numb' when he discovered she was his mum

The son of Yorkshire Ripper victim Irene Richardson ‘felt numb’ when he discovered she was his biological mother 36 years after she was brutally murdered.

Between 1975 to 1980, the Yorkshire Ripper killings cast a dark shadow over the lives of women in the North of England.

The horrific details will come to light in a new Netflix documentary titled The Ripper.

For five years killer, Peter Sutcliffe literally got away with murder, until the police finally caught up with him and he was sentenced to life in prison,

In 1981 Sutcliffe was jailed for killing 13 women and attempting to murder seven others.

Geoff Beattie, the son of Irene, was adopted from birth in 1969 and didn’t find out who his biological mum was until 2005.

‘I left it for quite some time, but then when I did my research I discovered that my biological mum Irene Richardson was Sutcliffe’s third victim,’ he told

‘I found out that my mum was murdered and that at the time her estranged husband was brought in for questioning.’

‘I felt numb, it was a shock to find out she had passed away because I knew I’d never meet her, but when I found out the details of her murder, it was even more of a shock,’ he added.

‘It was weird to be associated with something I knew nothing about.’

Geoff was just seven years old when Irene was killed, although, at that age he knew nothing about his mum or the killings.

‘Mum was working as a chambermaid when she was pregnant with me,’ he continued.

‘She was living in a hotel in Blackpool so there was no way she could have kept a child.

‘So she did the best thing for me giving me up for adoption.’

Sutcliffe spent 40 years in prison before he died of coronavirus in November. 

When he died police issued an apology to the killer’s victims for the terminology and language used by senior officers at the time.

Both the police and the attorney general were heavily criticised for their attitudes towards some of the victims who were sex workers.

Geoff added: ‘The police came forward and issued that apology for not handling it sensitively and I think that is a good move in the right direction, not just for Sutcliffe, but for a lot of other people who have been through similar trauma.’

The Ripper is available to watch on Netflix.

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