Sonic the Hedgehog streaming: Can you watch the FULL movie online? Is it legal?

Sonic the Hedgehog came out in cinemas to a fairly muted response from fans. Jim Carrey starred as the evil Dr Robotnik, while a CGI Sonic was voiced by Ben Schwartz. But is the film available to stream online for those who missed the cinematic release?

Can you watch Sonic the Hedgehog online and is it legal?

Sonic the Hedgehog was released in cinemas not too long ago, however due to the coronavirus it did not get the outing many would have hoped for.

As a result, it was decided for the movie to hit streaming services early to ensure everyone who wanted to see the blue character got their chance.

The movie was meant to be available to watch online from April 27, but was actually sped out even faster, and the film is now available to view.

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The movie is available to buy and download on Amazon Prime Video, as well as iTunes and other legitimate sources.

Other than those legitimate sources, any website claiming to have the film for streaming or download is illegal.

The Digital Economy Act 2017 means people could now face ten-year prison sentences for illegally streaming copyrighted content.

To be sure you’re not watching copyrighted material, you should go direct to companies such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, according to FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft).

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To add further to these warnings, the CEO of FACT Kieron Sharp said: “There are now more ways than ever for consumers to watch movies and TV but not going to legitimate sources to watch new movies is not a grey area: it is against the law.

“As well as being illegal, evidence shows that streaming pirated content is incredibly risky and can expose users to malware and inappropriate content.

“Not only does that deny the best viewing experience, it’s just not worth taking the chance.”

Fans should not have an issue finding a screening of Sonic the Hedgehog, however, as it has only recently come out and will therefore be likely available to see in the cinema for the next couple of weeks.


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How old do you have to be to see Sonic the Hedgehog?

*WARNING: Mild Sonic the Hedgehog spoilers

Sonic the Hedgehog has been given a rating of PG by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) and therefore is suggested for primary school children, and “should not unsettle a child eight or older.”

For those parents with more sensitive children, there are particular things which could upset, which are specified by the BBFC.

In the ratings info, the BBFC states: “Sonic the Hedgehog is an adventure in which a hedgehog with special abilities enlists the help of a local sheriff to help him evade government officials.

“Scenes of violence include an owl being hit with an arrow and a bar fight featuring kicks, punches and other blows that lack detail of injury.

“Scenes of threat include chase scenes with flying robots and one in which the main characters fall off a tall building.

“There is rude humour, including fart jokes. There is very mild bad language, including ‘butt’ and ‘jerk’.”

Sonic the Hedgehog is out to buy and rent now

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