'Southern Charm': Kathryn Dennis' Attempt at Damage Control Backfires

In an effort to minimize damage to her reputation, Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm attempted to show support for people of color on Twitter. It didn’t go very well.

While the country raged over the death of George Floyd, Dennis took to Twitter after weeks of silence about her use of a monkey emoji directed toward an African American radio host. Dennis’ problems extended beyond the exchange as she was also accused of generating false rumors about Cameran Eubanks’ marriage.

Shortly after the debacle, Dennis shared on her Instagram story she planned to address the fallout, but then remained quiet. She instead chose a day when protests and violence were at its height to proclaim support for people of color.

Her attempt at damage control seems to backfire

She began a string of tweets with a message of solidarity. “It’s hard to know the right words to say but I will not be silent. My black brothers and sisters I hear you, I see you, and I am with you,” she wrote.

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The tweet received immediate backlash with many pointing out she wasn’t fooling anyone. “After sending a POC monkey emojis in a dm exchange, it is laughable that you think ANYONE would take you seriously. It’s actually offensive. There really are times where it’s better left unsaid,” one person responded. A number of people begged her to just remain quiet.

However, that’s the last thing Dennis did. She doubled down on her claim that she didn’t realize the monkey emoji would be considered to be racist. “Honestly I never realized the monkey emoji was racist. Obviously I was wrong. I’m sorry. The conversation I had was distorted and completely taken out of context and now I’m being called all these things that I am not,” she tweeted.

Twitter wasn’t buying anything she had to say

Fans erupted with clap backs to her claim she didn’t know about the emoji. “That’s a lie. I grew up in the south and everyone knows the monkey emoji is racist. Maybe try listening instead of always being the victim,” one person responded. However, some people insisted they also grew up in the south and also didn’t realize the context of the emoji.

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Dennis then tried to apologize and admit she was still learning. “I really appreciate people who correct me and teach me because without them I might have been repeating mistakes for a long time,” she added to Twitter.

She went further taking more ownership. “I hear you, I see you and I’m sorry,” she wrote. Plus added, “For the fans that I have offended, I’m sorry. For the fans that have supported me, thank you.” While some people were in a forgiving mood, many were not and continued to slam Dennis, claiming her tweets were part of a public relations stunt.

Fans want actions and not words. “You can apologize til you’re blue in the face. Show them through your actions. That’s all you can do,” one person responded to one of her tweets.

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