‘Southern Charm’: Old Episode Of Bravo Series To Be Re-Edited Over Slavery Reference After 4 Episodes Are Temporarily Pulled From Streaming For Review

An episode of Southern Charm is undergoing tweaking as part of a review of four old episodes of the popular Bravo reality series, which chronicles the personal and professional lives of socialites in Charleston, South Carolina.

According to sources, the four library episodes were temporarily removed from the Bravo app and digital platform as well as from VOD about a week ago as part of regular content sweeps for potential sensitive material. The four episodes were flagged and temporarily pulled for further examination. Upon review, there of the episodes were cleared and already have been put back on Bravo’s app and digital service and have been made available to MVPD partners to reload to the show’s VOD library.

The fourth episode is being tweaked re-edited being rereleased.

News of the episode removals started circulating on social media as soon as the episodes had been taken down. The full scope of Bravo’s action was first revealed on Aug. 12 by a TikTok user who revealed which four episodes are missing — Season 1, Episode 2; S3, Ep.1; S 4, Ep. 1; and S 4. Ep. 8. The TikTok video also includes a questionable scene that references slavery from one of the pulled episodes. I hear that is the scene that is being removed. Here is the TikTok video.


Did #Bravo think we wouldn’t notice the missing #SouthernCharm episodes? #bravotv

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