Spoilers: Adam destroys Gary and himself in killer revenge?

Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) in Coronation Street has been determined to nail Gary Windass (Mikey North) for the murdering criminal that he is ever since the factory roof collapse. Despite Adam’s constant attempts at finding evidence strong enough to prove Gary killed Rick Neelan (Greg Wood), Gary’s always been one step ahead of him. Whether it’s planting more lies in someone’s head, telling the police that Rick was the person who caused the roof collapse, or catching Adam and his private investigator, Gary’s smart, and that’s proving a frustrating and difficult challenge for Adam.

Even though Gary’s downfall has started, the full truth about his shady past is yet to come to light. With both Gary and Adam’s storylines picking up pace, and Adam’s fixation not going away anytime soon, we’ve started to see that Adam’s increasing obsession with Gary now has the potential to become really dark. So just how far will it go?

Up until very recently, it was Team Adam and Imran (Charlie De Melo) vs Gary as they joined forces and gathered plenty of clues to show them that Gary was more than just a seller of antique furniture.

Now though, things have changed. The obvious difference between the two of them is that Imran isn’t as obsessive as Adam – he can distract himself with Toyah (Georgia Taylor) and the fostering process and trying to prove Yasmeen’s (Shelley King) innocence. It’s only recently that Adam has been left to his own devices, with his only focus being to do a solo job of building the ‘Gary’s a killer’ case file.

It seems like so long ago that Adam and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) were happy and getting married, but even back then Gary was hanging around like a bad smell which always affected Adam or Sarah somehow, so was their marriage pretty much doomed to fail? Let’s not tip toe around the answer, of course it was! Following Wednesday’s episode when Adam told Gary he’s welcome to Sarah after she refused to go to the police about Rick’s death, the thought of them getting back together now seems almost unbelievable.

A failed marriage is bound to affect anyone, but in Adam’s case, his jealousy and frustration that Sarah regularly defends Gary and the fact that she clearly still loves her ex might mean this obsessive behaviour Adam has is about to get a whole lot worse. Could he become so set on exposing Gary that it turns into an act of revenge for ruining his marriage? We saw a completely different side to Adam when he discovered Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) caused the crash that killed his mother, and even got him addicted to pain killers, so it’s possible Adam’s darker side will surface again very soon.

Coming up tonight, Maria (Samia Longchambon) is preparing for her wedding but elsewhere, Gary is still in the company of his ex and is ready to find out exactly what Sarah told Adam about the real reason why she was running from Gary before he got hit by the car. During the conversation where Sarah tells Gary she didn’t say anything to Adam, there is a charged moment between the two ex-lovers – which is perfect timing considering Gary’s about to get married!

Adam’s a smart, strong character, but the problem right now? He’s losing. His marriage with Sarah is in tatters, and if the wedding between Gary and Maria never happens and Gary and Sarah admit that they do still love each other, Adam will be left alone, much to his enemy’s delight.

Gary and Adam are as bad as each other when it comes to chipping away at their conscience, and if Gary win’s Sarah back and begins tormenting Adam and manipulating him into thinking all of his accusations were false, we could be left with Adam battling with his mind and struggling to believe what’s real about Gary, and what’s in his head. If Gary was prepared to take things to a whole new low (which is saying something considering he’s a killer), this has the potential to go as far as him humiliating Adam in front of fellow Weatherfield residents who struggle to believe that Gary would commit such awful crimes, only damaging Adam even more in the process.


An ongoing feud of envy and revenge is going to end badly, but for who? If Adam’s whole plan backfires, Gary wins and Adam is left a shell of the man he once used to be, everything he’s been through and lost in the process would’ve been for nothing. Is Adam really prepared to go to extreme lengths? Knowing it may potentially be the thing that ruins his life?

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