Spoilers: Aggie gets rid of Grace in Corrie

Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) is eager to get Grace Vickers (Kate Spencer) out of Michael’s (Ryan Russell) life in Coronation Street, and therefore she takes drastic action in the coming episodes.

Aggie discovered earlier this month that Grace was not only back on the scene, but that she was also pregnant with Michael’s baby.

Horrified, she informed her son that he’d be better of pursuing sole custody of the unborn child in an effort to ensure that Grace stays out of their lives once and for all.

Michael wasn’t sure that this was the best course of action, however.

In the coming episodes, Aggie opens up to Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) revealing that she fears the young man might propose to Grace again.

When Michael is late for lunch with Grace, Aggie takes the opportunity to have it out with Grace — telling the young woman that Michael is better off without her.

Grace is left upset, and therefore hurries out.

Michael arrives home, and he’s devastated to discover that Aggie has been meddling once more, and therefore he sets off to the find Grace before it’s too late.

However, he’s soon stopped by a police officer and questioned about a robbery — just as Grace heads towards the tram station.

Have we seen the last of Grace?


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