Stacey Solomon hoovers her lawn and transforms her garden into an ‘autumn’ wonderland with baby Rex – The Sun

STACEY Solomon got busy in the garden today and hoovered her lawn before transforming her outdoor space into an 'autumn' wonderland for baby Rex.

The mum-of-three has been spending a lot of time in the garden enjoying the sunshine with her sons 10-month-old Rex, Leighton, 7, and Zach, 10.

"Just spent the last two hours trying to tidy our garden because our tree is moulting and Rex will actually eat the tree moult like a bag of cheese and onion crisps," she shared on her Instagram Stories.

She hoovered the astroturf, set up a tipi for Rex and put the cushions back on her egg chair.

Then Stacey decided she wanted to decorated the garden even more and remembered she had some autumn decorations left over from last year in the shed.

"I'm going to decorate the trellis with my autumn flowers for no reason whatsover," she laughed.

She revealed they have just been sat in the shed since last year so thought she would put them to good use.

Afterwards she revealed her flower wall and said: "Thoroughly enjoyed this, I know it's not necessary but it kept my mind busy for an hour and now we have some space in the shed."

Yesterday, the Loose Women panellist, 31, couldn't hide her joy as her baby Rex ate a whole clove of her garlic.

She filmed her youngest son eating the cooked clove during their roast dinner – and said she loves eating it too.

After Stacey made the meal, little Rex had the whole clove in his mouth.

She said: "Yum num num num, do you want some of mummy's garlic? Mummy's favourite – Rex's favourite."

Stacey captioned it: "I can't tell you how happy it makes me that Rex loves garlic as much as I do! Everyone else think it's weird so I finally have someone else thinks it's weird so I finally have someone on my garlic tea.

"My breath doesn't love it the next day though."

She then said: "Two things that made me smile tonight. First thing, I did not feed Rex raw garlic and you know Susan, it was clearly cooked, mushy garlic.

"Secondly, so many of you messaged to say today is national garlic day. What are the chances! Sometimes I do things and I think, am I psychic? I would actually hate to be psychic. Happy national garlic day Susan!"

This comes a week after Rex made a splash on Loose Women as he appeared beside his mum on the show.

The adorable baby was happily having his lunch while mum Stacey appeared on today's special show in tribute to the NHS – but it wasn't long until he made a splash of own.

As Stacey began speaking about how she is coping during lockdown, Rex could be heard giggling off camera and Nadia couldn't resist and asked Stacey to bring him into shot.

Pulling Rex onto her knee, Stacey tried to praise her youngest but as she said how much of a good baby he was – he knocked her drink over.

But as Stacey carried on speaking no-one could hear her as cheeky Rex blocked her mic, and then Stacey lost her earpieace while trying to wrangle him.


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