Stacey Solomon says her and Joe Swash have sex-free stretches because they think 'sod that'

STACEY Solomon has opened up about her sex life with boyfriend Joe Swash.

Speaking on Loose Women today, the 30-year-old star said the pair sometimes had stretches where they went without it – saying they'd look at each other and go: "Sod that."

She said the couple, who share a one-year-old son called Rex, had periods where they were "too knackered" for sex.

Asked by host Christine Lampard if she could "live without intimacy", Stacey replied: "I think only if it's mutual.

"Sometimes in our relationship there's periods of time when your children are really young or when life is really frantic or mental.

"Or when something really sad is happening in your life where you might go for periods of time without it.

"I think if you're both on the same page, like some nights me and Joe lay down next to each other, we have a look and we go 'Nah – sod that.'

"But we both mutually feel the same way. Do you know what I mean? We just think: 'It's not going to happen.' We're knackered.

"But if he really wanted it or I really wanted it and one of us didn't that would be something really difficult to live with."

She added: "Do you think sometimes we put a big onus on sex in general? Sometimes I actually would prefer to be cuddled and caressed and have that intimacy.

"I don't think sex is the be-all and end-all. Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on 'how many times are you having sex?', 'how much sex are you having?'

"I think it ends up becoming not a fun thing."

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