Strictly's Maisie Smith eat cakes during rehearsals as partner Gorka teases her about getting back to work

STRICTLY Come Dancing's Maisie Smith munched on cake as her exasperated partner Gorka Marquez tried to get on with rehearsals.

The 19-year-old actress enjoyed a well-deserved break during gruelling training last night as the 30-year-old pro tried to convince her to return to work.

Taking to Instagram, Gorka filmed the teen in the studio as she comfortably reclined while dreamily nibbling on the treats.

He asked: "Maisie, how's the Jive going?"

She laughs before playfully telling him to "shut up".

Gorka then turned the camera back to him, raising his eyebrows as he told fans: "Wow, that's how the Jive is going."

Maisie shared the videos to her Instagram Story, adding: "Them millionaire shortbread moments hit different".

The EastEnders actress recently revealed that she has gained weight since joining Strictly – but the daily dancing has helped her through gyms being closed during lockdown.

She said at the time: "I’ve put on weight! I make dinners at the weekend to last the whole week and I eat them within two days.

"The gyms are closed and I’m a gym freak – that’s where I feel happiest – but I don’t feel like I’m lacking.

"In the first lockdown I struggled without the gym, but this time around I haven’t felt that.

"I’m getting so strong every day. And dancing is the most fun!"

The body positive star also admitted that she hides insecurities about her legs – but is learning to accept everything about herself.

On Saturday, Maisie was thrilled to make it through to this Saturday's instalment of the BBC show after landing in the dance-off two weeks previously.

She and Gorka sailed through after impressing the judges and viewers with an impressive Quickstep, which earned them two 10s.

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