Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Courtney and Eric Waldrop’s six tots ‘hit and bite’ as they reach ‘terrible twos’ in new trailer – The Sun

TLC has dropped the new trailer for Sweet Home Sextuplets and it looks like Courtney and Eric Waldrop have their hands well and truly full.

As the six toddlers prepare to turn two, Eric reveals that the family is already "in the trenches of the terrible twos", with the children biting, pulling hair, and hitting each other.

In the new clip for the season, the babies – Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Rivers and Tag – are seen attempting to walk in mom Courtney's high heels, pulling each other's hair in their high chairs, and pushing the boundaries.

As they are now all walking, it is also time to potty-trained the six, which leads to Courtney being horrified as she finds poop across the home.

Courtney also reveals that she struggles to keep control of the children and has chosen to put them on leashes, regardless of the opinions of others.

"I know harnesses are controversial, they think leashes are for dogs," she tells the camera, as she takes the children out for a day trip.

But as a random women criticizes her for the choice, Courtney is left upset and angry.

"She has to be responsible for six toddlers," defends Eric.

Elsewhere in the new season, fans will see the family move into a cramped mobile home as they renovate their main house.

Their elder three sons – Sailor, nine, and six-year-old twins Wells and Bridge – also decide to take up karate, which Eric admits he will find "challenging".

Eric and Courtney, and their nine children, live on a sheep farm in small-town Alabama.

They were high school sweethearts and welcomed their three boys, before deciding to add to their family once more.

However, they had the surprise of their lives when they found out they were expecting sextuplets.

In the first seasons, fans saw the family prepare for the high-risk delivery, Courtney being induced at 30 weeks and the babies’ admittance to the NICU.

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