'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans Is Blaming Everyone but David Eason for His Arrest

It didn’t take long for Jenelle Evans to backtrackthis time. Last week, the mother of three issued a public statement after herhusband, David Eason, was arrested for assaultwith a deadly weapon. Based on Evans’ comments, fans seemed confident thatEvans had left Eason behind. In fact, she stated that she was no longer living withEason, and, instead, was staying with a relative. One week later, that’s nolonger the case. Not only has Evans’ been spotted out and about with Eason, butnow she seems to be blaming Eason’s victim for the entire situation.

David Eason was arrested after pistol-whipping a friend whowas helping Jenelle retrieve her belongs

On June 13, Eason was arrested for assaulting a man named JamesSpivey with a handgun. According to TMZ,Spivey told police that Eason hit him in the neck with the butt of a gun andthreatened to shoot him in the head during an altercation. While several mediaoutlets originally stated that Eason was being charged with a felony, itappears as though he is now facing two misdemeanor counts for the fight.

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The argument allegedly broke out when Spivey and anotherfriend accompanied Evans to retrieve her belongings from thehome she shares with Eason. Based on several reports, Evans was looking toend her relationship with Eason when Spivey and another man accompanied her tothe property. That has quickly changed, though.

It didn’t take long for Jenelle Evans to get back with DavidEason

Eason was released from police custody on an unsecured bond.He wasted absolutely no time once he was out of jail. Within a week of thearrest, Evans and Eason were spotted together holding hands. Friends have alsosuggested that Evans’ statement following Eason’s arrest was completely fabricated.

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Evans took to social media to claim she was staying with arelative and would be taking time away from social media after the incident. Shereturned to social media two days later, but rumors suggest she never actuallyleft the property to stay with a family member. Allegedly, Evans was home at “theland” when Eason was released from custody. In the days since the incident,Evans has completely changed her tune. She is back to defending her husband,just as she had done every other time he’sfound himself in legal trouble.

Jenelle Evans is now blaming her friends for “starting drama”

The facts about what happened between Eason and Spivey areapparently clear. Spivey entered the house Evans shares with Eason to help herretrieve more of her belongings, and was hit with a gun and threatened by Eason.Those facts haven’t stopped Evans from defending her husband, and turning herback on friends, though.  Now, Evans isclaiming herfriends are the ones who started all of the drama.

Evans took to Twitter to suggestshe chooses not to have friends, and that her friends have caused nothing butdrama in the past. The quick about-face comes just days after Evans was spottedholding hands with Eason, yet again. Fans have, once again, soundedoff on Twitter, but, once again, Evans isn’t interested in listening to criticism.

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Katie Joy, best known for her YouTube channel, Without aCrystal Ball, expressed concern about Evans’ return to Eason and how that may affecther children. Evans’ snapped back, calling Katie Joy a “psycho” before blockingher.

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