Teen Mom Briana DeJesus slams nemesis Kailyn Lowry for once claiming her baby daddy Jo dressed son Isaac like a ‘thug’ – The Sun

SHORTLY after Teen Mom fired Taylor Selfridge over “past racist statements,” star Briana DeJesus slammed Kailyn Lowry for her own questionable comments.

The 26-year-old mother of two called out her longtime rival for once claiming her baby daddy Jo Rivera, 27, dressed their son Isaac like a “thug.”

One minute after tweeting “yikes” about Teen mom OG firing Taylor and canceling her special, Briana called out Kailyn, 28, for the old comment she made on the show.

In the resurfaced clip from a 2014 episode, Jo told his ex that it made him “really upset” when she made a comment about the haircut he got Isaac, who’s now 10.

Getting agitated herself, Kailyn doubled down and told him again what she didn’t like.

She said: “When he goes over there, you have him dress a certain way, you have him look a certain way, you have his hair cut a certain way, and that’s not who he is.

“I think you forget about the fact that he’s half white and he’s half Hispanic.”

The now mother of three added: “I feel like you dress him in a stereotypical way, and I don’t like it.”

After asking for clarification on what she meant by that, she plainly claimed: “You dress him like a thug.”

Bri shared the clip of the controversial conversation with her followers, adding: “Wtf did I just watch. Smh.”

When firing Taylor, Teen Mom said they “strongly condemn systemic racism and stand with those raising their voices against injustice,” causing fans to believe Briana’s now trying to get Kailyn fired.

One fan asked her as such, but she laughed it off with some emojis and said her co-star “won’t get fired [because] MTV favors her too much.”

Still, there are a lot of fans who, after checking out the video, think there should be some ramifications for the star, who’s currently pregnant with baby number four.

One Teen Mom viewer said Kail “should suffer the same consequences as Taylor has for something ‘old,’” while another simply said, “Fire herrr.”

Others called the comment “vile” and “cringey” and told MTV to “cancel her.”

Another fan agreed with Bri, though, saying that they don’t think she’ll get fired because they’re “convinced MTV picks and chooses who to fire based on how much money they bring in.”

Over the past few days, MTV cut ties with both Teen Mom’s Taylor, for past “racist” comments, and The Challenge’s Dee Nguyen, for “offensive” posts against the Black Lives Matter movement.

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