Teen Mom Briana DeJesus suggests Kailyn Lowry is 'RACIST' and didn't invite her on podcast because 'she isn't white'

BRIANA DeJesus has suggested that Kailyn Lowry is "racist" and didn't invite her on her podcast because she's not white.

The Teen Mom 2 star, 27, has accused Kailyn, 29, of displaying problematic behavior several times in the past.

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Briana claimed Kailyn was willing to build bridges with Jenelle Evans and invited the former reality star on her podcasts.

The MTV star – who is of Puerto Rican descent – said she has never been asked on and said it could be because she's "non-Caucasian".

"While I really hope this isn't the case, it's not lost on me that she was willing to talk to Jenelle – who is white – yet won't move on with me when, up until recently, I was the only non-Caucasian cast member," she told Celeb Buzz.

"There have been rumblings and reports regarding past racist tweets Kailyn interacted with, and again, while I'm hoping the color of my skin isn't a factor here it's certainly not lost on me that this point exists."

Earlier this year, Reddit users uncovered past controversial posts that Kailyn had liked on Twitter.

One tweet that she liked from 2016 read: "I just want white girls to date me for a month out of guilt for Black History Month #slavereparations."

She also posted saying, "I just want to say that every life matters" before calling a critic "ignorant" when they claimed she was behaving like a "privileged white girl".

This is not the first time Briana has accused Kailyn of being racist.

Last year, the Floriday native said: “In the current state of things being brought to light regarding racism, it would be wrong of me to not bring up Kailyn Lowry’s racist behavior.

“I do not condone her labeling Hispanics as thuggish."

Kailyn once scolded ex Jo Rivera regarding their son Issac, saying, "I think you forget about the fact that he’s half white and he’s half Hispanic."

"I feel like you dress him in the stereotypical way and I don’t like it… you dress him like a thug.”

Briana continued: "In the same vein, she called my family ratchet. I do not for one second believe that was just a random dig.”

Briana was referring to the time Kailyn called her and her family "ratchet" during the reunion show.

Kailyn said earlier this year that she has been "canceled" many times over her past comments – which she admitted were "ignorant" and said she's "willing to apologize and learn from".

Elsewhere in her Celeb Buzz interview. Briana accused Kailyn of "holding grudges" and having "hatred in her heart" while referencing her recent feud with ex-friend Mark Allen.

"As one of Kail's ex-friends recently said, she likes yes people around her," she said.

"Look at her track record – she has lost so many friends and clearly holds so many grudges that she's ever able to let go of."

"And that's work she needs to do internally – to try to work on herself to figure out why there's so much hatred in her heart."

Briana and Kailyn have been feuding in recent weeks, with Briana accusing her of trying to hide her arrest for "punching" her ex Chris Lopez from MTV.

"Kail doesn't want to film about breaking and entering into Chris momma house and beating him for cutting his child's hair," she said.

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