Teen Mom Chelsea Houska eats pizza after fans worry about major weight loss – The Sun

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska ate pizza after her fans worried about her major weight loss.

The mom-of-three tucked into the crispy base dripping with cheese after she gained 50 pounds during her pregnancy with three-year-old son Watson – but lost it again using the food supplement Profile.

She maintained her weight loss after welcoming daughter Layne, one, how fans think she is getting "thinner" and expressed concern for health on Instagram.

One remarked: "She keeps getting skinnier. I have always been a fan but yeah, pretty sad."

Another added: "You guys… it’s also what she’s wearing and how she’s posing that makes her look so slim. She looks great and I’m sure she works really hard to look so good."

Chelsea, who also has daughter Aubree, 10, with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, brushed off criticism with a defiant post on Instagram last night.

The South Dakota-based star assured fans she was indeed eating.

Sharing pictures of her eye-watering homemade pizza on Instagram, she said: "Pizza life chose me!"

Chelsea rose to fame onTeen Mom, and most of her drama centred around ex Adam, who has been plagued with legal and drug issues.

He lost custody of daughter Aubree in January 2018 after he tested positive for meth while Chelsea – who married Cole in 2016 – opened up about her anxiety while on the Teen Mom 2 reunion show in December.

She told Dr Drew Pinsky: "Whatever you see on TV and whatever you see when I show up somewhere, there's so much more that has happened to get me even like… here."

"But it's treatable, and it gets better," Pinsky replied.

In 2019 she also revealed she had been using Profile Sanford to help her on her journey to better health.

“I’m happiest when I’m healthiest, that’s why I’m SO excited to continue my Profile journey," she shared.

"There have been so many new products at @Profile_Sanford it’s hard to keep up! Umm Profile Ice Cream? Where have you been all my life?! Let’s do this together!!"

She also revealed that she had put herself "on a strict/low carb diet".

"It was not easy! But I’m 10lbs less than I was before I got pregnant, so it’s been worth it.

"I do easy/quick meal prep. Lots of chicken breast and broccoli microwave steamers!"

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