Teen Mom fans slam Amber Portwood for 'not focusing' on daughter Leah, 12, as she drowns in 'lots' of college homework

AMBER Portwood has received backlash from fans for prioritizing school over her daughter Leah despite their current estrangement.

The Teen Mom star recently battled with her ex Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina, as they primarily parent the 12-year-old.

Amber, 30, took to Instagram today to share an update of her studies, as she prepared her computer and notebooks for the day.

The reality star captioned her photo: "Lots and lots of notes after only a couple of days of classes. Working hard and hoping for the best. So far so good! #universitylife."

Despite her positivity towards a brighter future, fans couldn't help but hop in the comments and make accusations about her broken relationship with her daughter Leah.

"You wasting your time on social media maybe focus on your daughter instead of yourself," one suggested, adding: "Enough of the self pity."

Another referenced Amber's struggle with Bipolar disorder, which has contributed towards her difficulties, writing: "Amber's BPD keeps her from having a normal consistent relationship with her kids but she's gonna go to school.

"Can you say….in the midst of a major bpd manic episode…" they criticized.

A third spoke about the TV personality's feud with Leah's stepmom Kristina, writing: "Honestly I already didn't like you for the lack of effort you put into having a relationship with your daughter.

"But then to go on TV and diss the woman who has basically been raising her? That's just a whole new low. Zero respect for you left," they roasted.

Amber announced her acceptance into Purdue University last month, as she gushed about the program she would be attending online.

In a smiling selfie wearing bright yellow she captioned her post: “I just got accepted in college at Purdue University – Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis."

The Indiana native has struggled for years with her own mental health issues, which has caused strife in both her romantic and familial relationships.

Amber has two children, Leah, with Gary, and James with her ex Andrew Glennon.

Both children live with their fathers who have won custody over the Teen Mom OG star.

The situation between Amber, Leah, Gary, and Kristina recently erupted when the child mentioned not feeling a bond with her birth mother.

Amber then spoke with her ex on the phone, claiming: "You and Kristina hinder my relationship with my daughter."

After Gary and his wife discussed the situation back and forth, Kristina offered her own opinion.

"It's like Leah wants to give up but you are the one encouraging it. And I support that. I also want her to have a relationship with her mom but I also want Amber to follow through and put Leah for once first.

"Leah is hurt and it all stems from the past. It stems from, you know, her going to prison, getting out of prison and she got with Matt and she pushed Leah to the side. Then comes back to Leah and gets with Andrew and then pushes Leah to the side, like."

Despite Amber's broken relationship with her daughter, she has returned to school to find a new path in life.

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