Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason slammed for mocking the LGBTQ community

DAVID Eason shocked the public when he ripped the LGBTQ community in a sarcastic post mocking equality.

The Teen Mom alum has been regularly slammed by his followers for his political and sociological opinions, as well as parenting skills.

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David, 32, recently took to Facebook to express a bold opinion on the LGBTQ community.

The reality star stunned the public with a post that mocked "sexual orientation discrimination."

The father of three wrote a message on a red and pink background covered in hearts, reading: "I'm so glad that the LGBTQSS movement can bring us all together!

"With this type of unity within our community people can no longer discriminate against one another due to their sexual orientation!" he joked.

While many raced to the comments to share their surprise, several asked about the "SS" that David added to the end of LGBTQ.

The controversial parent explained that the letters signify "super straight" as he mocked inclusivity.

One disgruntled fan slammed the TV personality, writing: "Ur an idiot," while a second agreed with: "Jerk."

"Are you okay? Got the Corona? Got a fever?" another inquired, while a third asked simply: "Hacked?"

David felt the need to reply to the final comment, as he explained his reasoning: "It's called 'super straight' and it's a real thing!…. are you trying to offend my sexual orientation?"

The North Carolina native and his wife Jenelle, 29, have come under fire frequently for their parenting choices and social media presence.

Despite this, David recently shared his own opinion about their children's upbringing.

After the MTV star posted a photo to Instagram of Jenelle taking another photo of their daughter Ensley, David took to the comments section to name his wife a "perfect" parent.

The reality star's husband wrote: "Perfect picture mom!" as he gushed over his wife.

The couple faced parenting backlash of late when Jenelle shared a video of herself serving breakfast to her children.

In a new TikTok clip, the mom of three filmed herself cooking bacon, sausage, gravy, and white bread for Kaiser, six, and Ensley, four.

The young mom shared the video as a daily vlog, where she explained: "I cook the kids some breakfast – biscuits with gravy and bacon."

Critics of the family ripped into Jenelle for not providing a healthier breakfast for her little ones, as they referred to her as a "horrible mother."

"Put a piece of fruit on their plate. My gosh. I swear food is the only comfort those kids get. At least make it a little healthy," one posted to Reddit.

"She needs to feed her kids healthier meals. This is all I have seen them eat besides a roast Jenelle made once," a second shared.

"She is a horrible mother and a terrible person. Imagine raising multiple children to believe the world eats white bread and gravy for breakfast every day," another ranted.

Fans have shown distaste for several of Jenelle's food TikTok videos after the MTV alum created a step-by-step process of how she makes biscuits and gravy for the family.

After several questioned whether she was feeding her children correctly, the brunette snapped back, writing: "I don't eat this every single morning."


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