Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed as fans say she shouldn't be allowed to cook after star marinated steak with mayonnaise

JENELLE Evans received heavy backlash from fans after revealing that she "marinated" her family's steak in "mayonnaise" before grilling.

The Teen Mom 2 star has raised controversy over her cooking methods in the past, as many believe her food to look "disgusting."

Jenelle, 29, took to TikTok earlier today to document her "family dinner time" as she and her husband David Eason, 33, grilled out kabobs.

The reality star spoke over a series of video clips as the pair prepared their meal and got to cooking.

"We had steak and chicken kabobs, we marinated the steak in mayonnaise, marinated the chicken in eggs.

"We also added lemon, tomato, zucchini, onion, and a kiss from my baby," she added, as David leaned down to smooch her forehead.

"Yum. Look at that. Kid approved," she finished, while showing her daughter Ensley and step-daughter Maryssa enjoying their meal.

Fans, however, were not so impressed by the spread, as they showed horror at the fact that Jenelle used mayonnaise to marinate her steak.

"These people are an abomination to food," one joked, while a second agreed: "It all looks disgusting. The food, Jenelle, David. All disgusting!"

"I am just utterly offended by these 'marinades,'" another offered.

"Their food never looks good," a fourth reasoned.

This wasn't the first time Jenelle faced criticism over her cooking methods, as last month the mother of three fought off fans who trolled her "deviled egg" recipe.

The TV personality hopped on her Instagram stories to document the recipe, which included classic deviled eggs topped with mounds of sausage.

The controversial parent filmed herself speaking about the dish, saying: "So I know a lot of you are asking me the recipe for the deviled eggs I made this morning – basically I add mayonnaise, salt and pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, tarragon…

"Then I made some sausage and I cut it all up really good and sprinkled on top because I figured it would be a really good breakfast… I came up with this idea this morning…"

Fans took to Reddit to slam Jenelle for making "downright unhealthy" meals for her crop of kids.

In March, the Teen Mom alum turned heads when she debuted her fettuccine Alfredo recipe with cream cheese.

The most shocking moment, though, came when David proudly talked about killing their family's goat, Elvis.

The animal, which was raised on their farm for over a year, was eaten soon after, as the father of three showed off several pieces of raw goat meat.

"This is where goat nuggets come from, for all those asking."

"If you're wondering what a goat taste like off the grill, well I'm here to tell you: tastes like chicken, tastes a little like beef or pork and it's real good."

David has also taken the couple's four-year-old daughter Ensley squirrel hunting in their backyard, and later fried their catch for the family's dinner.

Breakfast time in the Eason household has also raised eyebrows as Jenelle's children are regularly fed gravy on wonder bread for their first meal of the day.

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